Chin Up, Kid - Swing With Your Eyes Closed

Chin Up, Kid

Swing With Your Eyes Closed

Available Now

I've been waiting for this album to come out for the longest time, and when it finally did I was not disappointed. 

Imagine for a minute that Four Year Strong was at a bar and from across the room made eye contact with  Hit the Lights. After talking and getting to know each other the two eventually move in together, have movie nights where they watch crappy documentaries on Netflix, and eventually have a child together. That child would be Chin Up, Kid.

Swing With Your Eyes Closed is the perfect combination of Four Year Strong's Rise or Die Trying and Hit The Lights' Summer Bones.

Corey Ryder's vocals remind me of Good Charlotte's Joel Madden, something that, in my opinion, makes this album very, very special.

For a debut album, Swing With Your Eyes Closed is a damn good piece of work. I've had the album on repeat for days and each time I listen I hear something new.

Guitarist Jon Benjamin recently performed with Blink-182 at a show in Florida, which must have been a dream come true.

The seventh track, "Daydreamer," is an acoustic song and is a nice break from the rest of the album while the lyrics send a powerful message.v

If you have the opportunity to see Chin Up, Kid definitely make sure you do. While you're at it, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Swing With Your Eyes Closed. You won't be disappointed, I promise. 

Listen to: Your Fault, Not Mine

New Found Glory - Makes Me Sick

New Found Glory

Makes Me Sick

Available Now

The New Found Glory album is to be sure a fresh breath of life into the pop-punk scene, but it’s lacking something. I’ve given it a few listen-throughs, and while I definitely enjoyed the album, it just left me hungry for something more.

The album itself, Makes Me Sick, starts off with "Your Jokes Aren’t Funny" and was a good start to the album, but there was no song that drove the whole thing home. No song that punched my eardrums, which makes the album pretty lackluster. 

I honestly enjoyed it, but it’s missing a hit. Bands change over time by developing their sound, New Found Glory hasn't. My favorite song off the album is "Party On Apocalypse." I enjoyed the upbeat tone to the song a lot.

The Nearly Deads - Revenge of The Nearly Deads

The Nearly Deads

Revenge of The Nearly Deads

Available May 26

Self-described as sounding like "Halestorm meets the Foo Fighters, with Courtney Love at the helm, if she could wail like Kelly Clarkson, The Nearly Deads are set to release their newest album Revenge of The Nearly Deads.

The amazing vocal work of frontwoman Theresa Jeane is what brings the entire album together. With hints of Lizzy Hale, and Hayley Williams, Theresa has a familiar sound that she makes completely her own. The chorus of 'Not Listening' really showcases her vocal ability and is my favorite song on the album.

Guitarist Steven Tobi does a great job of creating a unique sound on the guitar that is completely their own with Javier Garza Jr. strumming a sweet rhythm in the background while Kevin (bass) and Josh (drums) round out the bands sound. Heavy but melodic with a familiar grunge sound that has just the right amount of pop to it make Revenge of The Nearly Deads a must-have album.

The Nearly Deads are currently out on the 'Break Into Action Tour' with other upcoming acts Eyes Set to Kill and Bad Seed Rising. When asked if they will be playing songs off their new album the band responded, "We'll be playing almost the entire thing! Definitely a lot of new music on this run." The tour stops in at Mill City Ballroom in Lowell, MA on May 18th. We highly recommend you pick up tickets for this can't-miss show. After hearing their music and seeing them live, The Nearly Deads will definitely be one of your favorite bands. 

Lions Lions - Monument

Lions Lions


Available April 21

Lions Lions is:

  • Joshua Herzer- Vocals
  • Brandon Davis- Guitar
  • Chris Pulgarin: Bass
  • Isaac Vigil- Guitar
  • Derek V. -Drums

I have one word to explain my initial reaction to this album: "Wow."

Lions Lions have been a staple in the local scene for years now, and their upcoming album Monument is another step forward following their 2015 album Changing the Definition. 

The album opens with 'Circles,' a beautiful riff which is immediately followed by vocals from Joshua Herzer which mirror those of Pierce the Veil frontman Vic Fuentes. Much like PTV's latest album Misadventures, Lions Lions do a great job of creating a memorable sound that makes you want to get up and move around.

'The Bridge,' track seven on the album, is a rock ballad of sorts, and one of my favorite songs. The melodic guitar mixed with excellent drumming from Derek make this one of the more memorable tracks on the album.

The album just like it started, ends with a powerful track. The guitar work, vocals, and drumming make 'Eleven Months' another can't miss track from this album.

Lions Lions has a weekend run planned at the end of April which will continue their contribution to the local scene. Bands included in some of the shows are Actor-Observer, Under Fire, Too Late The Hero, Fathom Farewell and a laundry list of others. We hope to see you at one of them!

Monuments release shows

  • April 28th - Bungalow Bar & Grill - Manchester, NH
  • April 29th - Firehouse 13 - Providence, NH
  • April 30th - Cambridge, MA - Sonia (Formerly TT the Bear's)


Listen to 'Standby' below:

The Flatliners - Inviting Light

The Flatliners

Inviting Light

Out Now!

The new album by Canadian punks The Flatliners, Inviting Light, is an absolute
Banger of an album. It’s a good mix of thrashy punk songs and a few slower more
melodic songs. This album is a clear progression of The Flatliners sound and it’s
awesome to see. 

My favorite song on the album is Hang My Head, it’s a quick song, with a nice
bridge, and angry lyrics. It’s kind of a self-empowering song, and it’s one I love to
run to. You can check out the video for Human Party Trick below:

The Flatliners are currently on tour overseas with Weezer and will be going on
tour with The Menzingers in mid-April. They will be coming back to their
homeland of Canada in the summer but have no current US dates listed on their

Jordan Coffey - Moonrise

Jordan Coffey


Jordan Coffey stepped out of his comfort zone, and right into the metal zone on his latest album, Moonrise. A solo artist from central Maine, he refers to himself as a “one man band,” and that still doesn’t give him enough credit. Other than supplementary vocals, provided by DJ Cox on the second track, Witch Hunt, Coffey is responsible for all instruments, vocals, and even mixed and mastered the album. Judging by the artwork displayed in his company Coffey Media’s portfolio, I would even be willing to bet he designed the album artwork. This kid is a serious combination of talent and dedication. Coffey’s Facebook states his experience over in various bands created a sound that is both “unique and nostalgic,” and that is exactly what Moonrise delivers.
Right off the bat the first track “The Darkest Depth” attracts the listener with an ominous, but equally intriguing introduction. Coffey’s vocals are very strong as he screams “don’t leave me alone, alone, alone.” This is a good way to start the album, because as the lyrics progress, you will figure out he in fact should not be left alone. The track comes in fast and heavy, and coming from an artist that states Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday as some of their influences, it was quite a surprise.

The second track, Witch Hunt, has a groovy guitar beat that immediately caught my attention. Coming from someone who prefers dancing over running in circles, this is the type of metal song that will get me up dancing. While Coffey does not hold back on his vocals, it is the melody in the guitar parts that stands out. It is a refreshing change from the all too predictable foot to face style you normally see in local metal bands (although he does say he will “reach down your throat, so it’s pretty close). This must be that unique and nostalgic style he was referring too. why I found myself being reminded of early All that Remains, and As I lay dying. The third track, which is also the shortest (excluding the interlude), will immediately get your head bobbing along. With lyrics, such as “no mercy for a bastard” and “no pity for a coward” is sure to be a crowd pleaser. I can easily picture a group of metalheads chanting along. The fourth track is technically an interlude, but it is easily my favorite track. I cannot go without mentioning how beautiful guitars in this track, and I would personally love to hear metal songs with this softer sound mixed in.

Track five, “I Just Wanted to be Someone” has a clear message and a wonderful development. It starts off softer than the other tracks, and the lyrics, “Plagued by imperfections, crippled by doubt the beat of my own heart became a hollow sound” provide context to the previous lyrics on the album and helps explain the anger expressed. This is something most people can relate to, the pressure of being successful. After all, who doesn’t want to be someone? The lyrics become increasingly solemn when he states “if I am already dead, then it can’t happen again.” Just in case you couldn’t see the signs, he clearly states in the next line “I’m gonna take my life.” For better or for worse, this is a staple of most heavy metal lyrics: angry, depressed, betrayed, alone, and death. This track does show the most diversity for Coffey’s vocals. He sings, he screams, he growls, he does it all. His final track on Moonrise is an acoustic version of the second track, Witch Hunt. With you would not even know it was the same song. The acoustic version is heavily influenced by Coffey’s emo/pop punk past, and quickly had me feeling like it was 2004 and I was stealing mix CDs from my older sister again.

Regardless of your opinions on metal or hardcore, you cannot dispute the talent of Jordan Coffey. The range of styles both instrumentally and vocally from this man is genuinely impressive. I would love to see him infuse more of his pop punk influence vocally and maybe add a few in-your-face guitar solos, this is metal after all. I love the energy he brings to the table, and would be curious what it would be like to see a one-man metal band live. Surely if Dethklok (a fictional cartoon band) can tour, Jordan Coffey can too.

Cardinals - Aftertaste



Rising from the ashes and retaking flight is a characteristic usually reserved for the phoenix. Being reborn from the previous lineup of Tighticus Finch, Boston-based Cardinals looks to follow that same mantra.  Their new acoustic EP “Aftertaste” takes a couple of old favorites, reworked and reimagined, alongside some fresh material to put together a highly enjoyable project.

Opening with an acoustified Finch cut in “When I’m Gone”, Emily Ronna takes full advantage of the space offered by the lack of a full band to really stretch the breadth of her vocals, giving new life to the track.  Guitarist CJ Rarela’s richer playing in this new setting, backed with a kickass cajon, makes this reinvented punk single feel more at home in the back of a pickup truck out in the country, than in the back of a van in the city.  The ability to transition so effortlessly is what makes this EP so remarkable.  

Sandwiched in between the bookended reworks of the prior outfit, Cardinals offer up a few new additions to the repertoire.  “Remission” shows the progress in songwriting of Ronna over the past year, while still being able to rifle off a quotable lyric such as, “I found your cord/I cut you off”.  Rarela continues to show his growth as well, laying down a solo towards the end full of licks and bends, dripping off some twangy, down-home sauciness from these New Englanders. “Of Montreal” brings a good ebb and flow to the EP, with a ballad to balance off the more thumping tracks.  Ronna is at her most personal it feels on this one as she merges the classic punk angst with a dreamy, nostalgic longing usually more reserved for pop-oriented love songs.  She finds the best of both of these flavors and marry them well.  “In the Dust” kicks it back up with a more driving, straight-forward headbobber.  There’s almost, dare I say it, a twinge of Taylor Swift in Ronna’s delivery on this one.  Upon further research one will find that the duo’s former band first official video was indeed a cover of Swift’s hit single “Shake it Off” bringing the theory more true.

The project ends at a crisp twenty minutes with another reworked Finch track in “Human”.  Rarela the guitarist, but also the producer, really shines on this track as his effects on Ronna’s voice and his reworking of the original payoff to seriously good results.  It’s a fitting ending to an EP a year in the making through various ups and downs.  It feels good to feel so raw.
Cardinals’ new EP “Aftertaste” is available for purchase through their Bandcamp page and also available to stream through all major streaming outlets and via their official Youtube page.  Be sure to check out Cardinals on April 12th at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, MA.




Available Now

What happens when you take the vocal stylings of Steven Tyler, throw in a little Killer’s-esq guitar, and finish it off the the raw female fronted power of Paramore? You get blindspot, A Boston based rock trio who’s spent the last two years writing, recording, and performing some seriously great festivals and shows. 

Photo: Mike Robinson

Photo: Mike Robinson

Seriously, when I first heard this album I was really interested by the different impressions it left.  Alexa’s voice has that hard rock quality that could shake a room of 100 to 1,000 people and with the with the addition of indie sounding guitar riffs and synthesizers, their self titled album has a little something for every kind of rock fan. I think the best example of this is their debut single/video “Every Time You Close Your Eyes.”  The song itself is no slouch, it starts right off into a straight groove that just sets up the explosion that is Alexa’s voice on the chorus.  And the whole record is like that! Listen to the opening track “Sinking Fast” and you’ll get hints of Classic Rock melodies married to an almost pop-punk groove. It’s all really interesting and definitely worth giving a listen.  

blindspot is going to be performing at Thunder Road on March 30th, and then also again at O’Briens Pub on April 12th, so Bostonians keep an ear out for these guys.  

Listen to their album on Spotify here.  

Flatfoot 56 - Odd Boat

Flatfoot 56

Odd Boat

Available March 3

FFO: Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly

Chicago based Celtic punk rock Flatfoot 56 will be releasing their seventh studio album, Odd Boat, on March 3rd via Sailor's Grave Records. Flatfoot 56 be touring this spring with Boston locals Mickey Rickshaw and will perform on Flogging Molly's "Salty Dog Cruise."

This band never fails to deliver and if you're a fan of Celtic rock, that's not bad news. Odd Boat is a solid piece of work, possibly Flatfoot's best to date. Frontman Tobin Bawinkel does an excellent job on vocals and guitar while brothers Justin (drums) and Kyle (bass), along with Eric McMahon (bagpipes/guitar) add depth and experience while Brandon Good (mandolin/guitar) wraps it all up with a nice mandolin shaped bow. 

It's hard to pick a favorite song off the album, but Penny (above) really sticks out. The high energy in the song perfectly articulates the energy of the album and band. If you have a chance to see them on tour (dates below) be sure to grab a ticket, PBR, and prepare for a wild time. 

  • March 4 - Chicago, IL - Reggies
  • March 5 - Fort Wayne, IL - The Brass Rail
  • March 6 - Nashville, TN - The End
  • March 7 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
  • March 8 - Atlantic Beach, FL - Fly's Irish Pub
  • March 9 - Miami, FL - Churchill's Pub
  • March 10 - Flogging Molly's Salty Dog Cruise (w/ Flogging Molly, NOFX, Devotchka, Less than Jake, Bouncing Souls, The English Beat, CJ Ramone, The Skatalites, The Bunny Gang, Punk Rock Karaoke, Beans on Toast, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Sex Stains, Zander Schloss, The Cherry Cokes, Mickey Rickshaw, Askultura, West Lindy, Jon Gazy, The Attack, Pasadena, and the Potato Pirates.)
  • March 14 - Charlotte, NC - The Milestone
  • March 15 - Baltimore, MD - Otto Bar

WSTR - Red, Green or Inbetween


Red, Green or Inbetween

Available now!

In what could easily be one of the best pop-punk albums of the year, WSTR give us their debut album, 'Red, Green or Inbetween.'

Influenced heavily by Neck Deep, many say WSTR lacks originality and creativity. We think the exact opposite. Although the sound is similar WSTR is in fact NOT Neck Deep. For a band to have more than 12,000 followers on Facebook before the release of their debut album is a testament to the band's talent.

The opening track "Featherweight" has a quick lead-in and then sucker punches us in the jaw with some beautiful chords. "With all my friends in the same place, we're fucking great at being basic," sings vocalist Sammy Clifford. A quintessential pop-punk jab at their hometown. And in "Footprints"Clifford sings, "I'm still that kid you don't remember, still got hot rocks in my jeans, amongst the others speaking parseltongue ,and I still don't know what it means." Clifford is saying he's the kid that nobody remembers, something a lot of people can relate to. And if you don't know what parseltongue is I highly suggest you reevaluate your life. Kidding. Kind of...

'Red, Green or Inbetween' is already looking to be one of the best albums of the year. Pop-punk is far from dead and WSTR will soon join better-known groups like Neck Deep, State Champs, and Broadside atop the pop-punk scene.

WSTR join Canadian punks Seaway on tour around the U.K. starting January 24th and ending February 3rd in London. Although only 11 days, it will give WSTR plenty of exposure.

Listen to: Footprints - King's Cup

Palisades - Palisades



Available Jan. 20th

Adding another album to their already impressive discography, Palisades deliver a masterpiece with their self-titled album. 

Louis Miceli vocals weave beautifully between the synth, guitar, and drums in every track all of which are beautifully written. 

Do yourself a favor and pick this album up when it comes out. Palisades self-titled would fit perfectly on a playlist with bands like Pierce the Veil, and I Prevail.

Listen to: Aggression 

Straightline - Vanishing Values


Vanishing Values

Available Feb 10th

This German band dubbed themselves as a melodic skate punk band, but it's really more thrash metal/punk, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Their upcoming album Vanishing Values delivers where others can't. The album opens powerfully with 'Generation Lost.' Power chords and plenty of double bass make this song the perfect choice as the first track and has the listener going, "Huh, this is really awesome." Bart, whose Facebook description is "Guitars of Steel and Voices from Hell," lives up to that title not only in the opener, but throughout the album. His raw vocals come in as clearly as his clean vocals, only to be one upped by his guitar skills.  

The second song, Pleonexia, is a completely different feel from the first. Pleonexia truly lives up to Straightline's 'skate punk' mantra with a more upbeat feel and less raw vocals/screaming from Bart.  The rest of the album is a perfect mix of hair metal and skate punk which Straightline should be applauded for.

Vanishing Values is a must-listen album for fans of 80's metal and punk with a modern sound. Straightline does an amazing job bringing that influential sound back to the forefront of rock with this album.

Visit their bandcamp page by clicking here and be sure to pick up Vanishing Values when it drops on February 10th.

Listen to: Unfinished Story

Under Fire - Blackout

Under Fire


Available January 6

Only one word can summarize what we've all been thinking while waiting for new music from Under Fire: Finally

Their second EP 'Lessons' came out in 2014 and generated plenty of interest in the local scene while the band's popularity grew - quickly making them one of New Hampshire's premier local talents.

Blackout was produced by Chris Curran (Reclaim Studios) and Alan Day (Four Year Strong), and the band is managed by Matty Arsenault (formerly A Loss For Words). That's quite the impressive crew to have behind you, and Blackout does not disappoint.

The title track delivers a punch to the mouth and is easily the best on the album. The remaining four tracks are all excellent - "Lone Wolf," another favorite, gives us that familiar Under Fire sound but only a bit heavier. 

2016 sucked but Blackout is the perfect way to start the new year.  Pre-order the album here and pick up a sweet merch package as well.

The Attack - On Condition

The Attack

On Condition

Available Now!

Florida-based rock band The Attack have released their newest album 'On Condition.' 

Great guitar work and catchy lyrics make this an excellent album. We talked with The Attack frontman Charlie Bender about the band, upcoming album, and tours with Big Wig and Less Than Jake which you can read here.

Great to throw on wheh hanging out with friends, or blast while driving around on a beautiful fall day, 'On Condition' is an album you need to add to your collection.

Listen to: Call To Arms - Four of a Kind



The B-List - Fully Ignorant

The B-List

Fully Ignorant

Available Now

It's not very often you come across a hidden gem, but goddamn, this is one of them. The listener is immediately punched in the face with strong vocals and guitar work with the opening track "Acceptance."

This five-piece pop-punk band out of Long Island really have something special here. Recorded at Vudu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY, Fully Ignorant is a perfect example of what pop-punk should strive to be. Raw, emotional, and full of life, this album is a must-have for any fan of the underground punk scene. 

Ten solid tracks from this up-and-coming band make Fully Ignorant a great album and should put The B-List on your list of 'Band to Watch.' If you're in the Long Island area and have the chance to see these guys, don't pass up the opportunity. New England promoters, I'm calling you out; get The B-List a show up here soon. You won't regret it.

Listen to: Acceptance - Anger - Blood, Sweat & Beers

Friday Night Lites - Wherever You May Be

Friday Night Lites

Wherever You May Be

Available NOW!

There's no easy way to review this album. Having grown extremely close with with the guys in Friday Night Lites over the past 18+ months I've seen them during the good and bad times; ultimately capped off by their first legitimate tour over this summer with Save the Lost Boys and Abandoned By Bears both of whom are signed to Victory Records.

After having the release date pushed back multiple times we finally have it. "Wherever You May Be" is the culmination of long nights in the practice space, thousands and thousands of miles on the road, nights sleeping on the van or on a strangers floor, and going days without showering, and it's better than I could have ever hoped for.

Each song tells a story, yes, even "Bases Loaded" when frontman Joey Genovese sings of waking up on the bleachers of a ballfield he's never seen before (it's quite the story).

'Wherever You May Be' is filled with classic pop-punk chords and riffs as well as handfuls of chords and riffs from the newly emerging 'easy-core' genre, most notably their fan-favorite We've Got Something For Ya.

The band slows things down a bit with The Blind Side in which Joey sings about a mother losing her son before he turned 30. An emotional gut-punch for sure, keep your tissues handy when listening to this one.

The emerging favorite on this album though is a future party anthem Pretty Girl Gets the Square. This song has everything a pop-punk fan could want and more. Fan involvement  at live shows hits a peak when the band reaches that "whoa" that all great punk anthems have.

Overall this is a fantastic album and one that I've had on repeat since it fell into my hands. I've been saying it since I met these guys as a celebrity guest judge at a Battle of the Bands - I see nothing but big things for Friday Night Lites. A spot on the Ernie Ball Stage at the Mansfield, MA date of Warped Tour in 2015 and a tour that hit cities like Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago are only the start. Congratulations on the EP, guys. It's fantastic.



I Prevail - Lifelines

I Prevail


Available 10/21

Going from a relatively unknown band to nominees for Alternative Press' 'Breakthrough Artist' seemingly overnight, I Prevail are set to release their debut album 'Lifelines' via Fearless Records. 

Their cover of 'Blank Space' catapulted the band to stardom has over 27 million views on YouTube and currently went gold (sale of 500,000 units).

Their EP 'Heart vs Mind' was great and left fans wanting more and we finally have it.

The hype behind 'Lifelines' and I Prevail is real; to say this album blew me away would be a complete understatement. All 13 tracks (except the ballad 'Alone')  deliver a solid punch to the mouth and make the listener want to move around. 'Scars' and 'Stuck in Your Head' are two singles I really enjoyed while waiting for the album to drop, but without a doubt my favorite track is 'Come and Get it.' This song is "heavy af" as the kids say these days.

I Prevail is quickly on their way to becoming one of the better-known names in rock. A headlining tour this summer (check out our interview) was followed by a full US tour with megastars Pierce the Veil and Neck Deep. A bus fire threatened to cut the tour short for I Prevail but they persevered and played the remainder of the tour.

But to recap - this album is absolutely amazing. To say it's my favorite album of the year is not stretching it, but if I said 'Lifelines' was my favorite heavy album of the year ... that would be the truth. I Prevail absolutely delivered on this album and I see nothing but success for them.

Listen to: Come and Get it  - Chaos -  RISE

Boston Manor - Be Nothing

Boston Manor

Be Nothing

Available September 30th

You never realize how much music gets released in a year unless you really pay attention. I've been sent so many singles, EPs, and albums this year that I've spent days listening to new music. Boston Manor's new album Be Nothing falls into the category of one of the best punk albums I've heard this year. 

I missed the opportunity to see them on the Pure Noise Tour due to visa issues on their end, but you can trust that I'll be front-and-center at their show with Like Pacific, Broadside, and Rarity October 12th in Boston. 

Everything about this album makes it a "must have" for anyone involved in the scene. Basically, if you went to Warped Tour or even thought about going to Warped Tour: buy this album. Though still gaining popularity, Be Nothing has the potential to propel them to the popularity of their future tourmates in Broadside. 

With ten tracks and a total run time of 35 minutes, Be Nothing is the bands longest work to date and something they should be proud of. Every track is different but familiar. Every track makes you want to get up and move around. We're inclined to say it's a perfect album. With the slower, more somber track 'Broken Glass' right in the middle, Be Nothing makes for a perfect playlist as you drive around with your friends this fall. 

Listen to: Burn You Up - This Song is Dedicated to Nobody



Opeth - Sorceress



Available September 30th

Swedish heavy metal legends Opeth are set to release their 12th studio album this Friday. Despite personnel changes throughout the years, frontman Mikael Akerfeldt has remained.  

With this album, it's pretty simple: what you expect is what you get. Eleven tracks totaling 57 minutes of pure Swedish metal. We are not saying that we have a problem with that, because we don't. Will the album be winning any awards? Probably not. Is it good? Yes, yes it is. Any fan of theirs should pick it up and give it a listen.

A nice album to listen to while hanging out with "the gang" in your mancave while shooting pool and downing some cold brews, Opeth's Sorceress has that classic rock feel many love and miss.

Stick To Your Guns - Better Ash Than Dust

Stick To Your Guns

Better Ash Than Dust

Available Now!

The latest from STYG comes to us in the form of an EP; a damn good EP. Better Ash Than Dust dropped on September 23rd during the second half of their nationwide headlining tour with Stray From The Path, Expire, and Knocked Loose who also put out a new album - full review here

The EP starts off with the title track and really hits the nail on the head. "The fire burns, out faces warm from its heat, nights like these, they make me think about the person I once was and the person I'll become,"  sings vocalist Jesse Barnett. 

At points sounding like Metallica and Machine Head, STYG is turning into one of the premier hardcore bands out there. A number of shows on their current have sold out and been packed with energy. Reports from their Worcester show have us wishing we were healthy enough to attend. 

Overall this album is solid front to back and one of the best hardcore albums of the year. We have nothing but good things to say about this album and cannot stop listening to it. 

Listen to: From Ash To Dust, The NeverEnding Story