Straightline - Vanishing Values


Vanishing Values

Available Feb 10th

This German band dubbed themselves as a melodic skate punk band, but it's really more thrash metal/punk, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Their upcoming album Vanishing Values delivers where others can't. The album opens powerfully with 'Generation Lost.' Power chords and plenty of double bass make this song the perfect choice as the first track and has the listener going, "Huh, this is really awesome." Bart, whose Facebook description is "Guitars of Steel and Voices from Hell," lives up to that title not only in the opener, but throughout the album. His raw vocals come in as clearly as his clean vocals, only to be one upped by his guitar skills.  

The second song, Pleonexia, is a completely different feel from the first. Pleonexia truly lives up to Straightline's 'skate punk' mantra with a more upbeat feel and less raw vocals/screaming from Bart.  The rest of the album is a perfect mix of hair metal and skate punk which Straightline should be applauded for.

Vanishing Values is a must-listen album for fans of 80's metal and punk with a modern sound. Straightline does an amazing job bringing that influential sound back to the forefront of rock with this album.

Visit their bandcamp page by clicking here and be sure to pick up Vanishing Values when it drops on February 10th.

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