The Team


Seth Dallaire - Founder, Head Writer & Photographer 

A graduate of The University of Maine-Farmington, Seth was an integral part of the school's radio station, 91.5 WUMF. He is passionate about supporting local artists and hopes to bring Crowdsurf Central to national attention. When he isn't working on Crowdsurf material Seth is works at a major-market radio station in Boston. Currently, Seth is undergoing chemotherapy treatments at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, but still strives to bring CSC to the top of the punk scene.

  • Favorite Beer: PBR
  • Favorite Venue: Middle East Downstairs

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Luke Deems - Technical Support, Publicity, Journalist

A graduate of the University of Maine at Farmington, Luke is currently working on his MS in Graphic Design at Suffolk University. As well as loving everything about the world of music, he's an avid techie and couldn't resist setting up and building the Crowdsurf Central website. When he's not making publicity for Crowdsurf, he can be found doodling, reading, and listening to music.

  • Favorite Beer: Atlantic Real Ale
  • Favorite Venue: Anywhere Parkway Drive is playing


Gunnar Heckler - Maine Representative, Writer

A junior at The University of Maine-Farmington, Gunnar is an aspiring pro Ultimate Frisbee player. 

  • Favorite Beer: Guinness
  • Favorite Venue: Port City Music Hall


Shelby Whitehouse - Photographer, Writer, Correspondant

A self-taught photographer, Shelby enjoys trying her hand at new ventures. Shelby is an aspiring tour photographer, and has a big passion for local music. Shelby also teaches preschool, and is a big fan of creative activities and knitting.

  • Favorite Beer: Shock Top Lemon Shandy
  • Favorite Venue: Royale Boston


Andy Devine - Writer

Andy is a long-time fan and participant of punk rock music throughout New England. He has developed quite the network for shows, friends, and everything necessary to have a firm grip on the punk rock underground. Born and raised in Ansonia, Connecticut, now attending the University of Maine at Farmington studying history, Andy resides in Somerset, Massachusetts during the summer. When he isn’t working on Crowdsurf ideas, Andy can be found playing his favorite songs on other people’s instruments. As the saying goes, “punk rock is good music played by bad musicians,” - Fat Mike, Nofx. 

  • Favorite Beer: Coffee
  • Favorite Venue: Toad’s Place - New Haven, CT


Jordyn Beshcel - Photographer

Jordyn is a music photographer based in Connecticut. She is a strong advocate for supporting local music and loves working with local bands throughout New England. Aside from her contributions to CSC, she studies psychology and art with intentions of becoming a photography teacher.

Favorite beer: TBD

Favorite venue: TBD