Knocked Loose - Laugh Tracks

Knocked Loose

Laugh Tracks

Available 9/16

For fans of: Vanna, Expire

Coming off an appearance on the "Common Vision Tour 2016" with The Accadia Strain and Oceano, the band saw their popularity skyrocket. With nearly 8,000 followers on Twitter and 35,000 on Facebook, it is very surprising that Laugh Tracks is the bands debut album. The best way we can explain the album is "heavy af."

Though not our normal genre, we really enjoyed listening to the album.  There is so much energy in throughout Laugh Tracks and that seems to be what the band was aiming for. They told Alternative Press that, "Laugh Tracks is an aggressive album that refuses to be pigeonholed or cornered into one particular subgenre." 

"With this album, I stopped being angry for the sake of being angry. I had to reach inside of me to get something worthy of an album. We put this album on a pedestal. We scratched so many songs, so many lyrics—everything had to be a certain standard before we showed it to anyone else. I go a lot deeper, and I get very personal on this album. Sometimes I get very sad on some songs and in other moments I get very angry. Our band is kinda sandwiched between hardcore and metalcore, and a lot of people are very strict with subgenres for whatever reason. Knocked Loose doesn’t pay attention to that. We like it all: You can call us a hardcore band, you can call us a metalcore band, you can call us whatever, it’s not a focus for us." -Bryan Garris vocals

Laugh Tracks truly is a great album, especially for a debut full-length. With their already large following on social media they should have no problem moving the album, especially in the first week when it really counts.