Finding Common Ground - Emergence

Finding Common Ground


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For fans of: The Menzingers - The Wonder Years

Finding Common Ground, a four-piece punk/Indie band out of Colorado is one of those bands you need to start listening to now. Their most recent release, the EP Emergence is just magical. 

With two hard-hitting punk tracks and an Indie acoustic song, this three track EP surely should not be overlooked. 

Packed full of melodies that remind us of The Menzingers and State Champs to lyrics mired with feeling of The Wonder Years, it makes for a great listening experience. 

The three tracks on Emergence left us wanting much more so we listened to The Time That's Passed, their LP that debuted last year and were equally impressed. 

With a "name your price" option up on their bandcamp page right now, do yourself a favor and go drop $5 on this baby. Hell, pick up their LP from last year, too, and start telling all your friends to listen to these guys.