Kansas - The Prelude Implicit


The Prelude Implicit

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This one caught me by surprise when it popped up in my inbox. Kansas? Like, the Kansas are putting out a new album and want me to review it? Talk about an opportunity you can't pass up.

When you talk "classic rock" there are always some bands you need to include on your list. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd to name a few. Kansas should also be on that list. From the moment this album starts it transports the listener back in time. Back to a time before the internet, smartphones, iPads, and a crippling national debt. 

The Prelude Implicit is the bands first album in sixteen years, adding to a very impressive discography that dates back to the bands debut self-titled LP in 1974. John Elefante, Rich Williams, Phil Ehart, and Billy Greer, make sure the album has that quintessential "Kansas" feel to it.

Overall The Prelude Implicit is a great album for any classic rock fan ... for any rock fan, really. Kansas will be debuting songs off The Prelude Implicit this fall, live in concert, as part of their Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour which stops in Boston on November 26th. Tickets can be purchased at www.kansasband.com.