I Prevail - Lifelines

I Prevail


Available 10/21

Going from a relatively unknown band to nominees for Alternative Press' 'Breakthrough Artist' seemingly overnight, I Prevail are set to release their debut album 'Lifelines' via Fearless Records. 

Their cover of 'Blank Space' catapulted the band to stardom has over 27 million views on YouTube and currently went gold (sale of 500,000 units).

Their EP 'Heart vs Mind' was great and left fans wanting more and we finally have it.

The hype behind 'Lifelines' and I Prevail is real; to say this album blew me away would be a complete understatement. All 13 tracks (except the ballad 'Alone')  deliver a solid punch to the mouth and make the listener want to move around. 'Scars' and 'Stuck in Your Head' are two singles I really enjoyed while waiting for the album to drop, but without a doubt my favorite track is 'Come and Get it.' This song is "heavy af" as the kids say these days.

I Prevail is quickly on their way to becoming one of the better-known names in rock. A headlining tour this summer (check out our interview) was followed by a full US tour with megastars Pierce the Veil and Neck Deep. A bus fire threatened to cut the tour short for I Prevail but they persevered and played the remainder of the tour.

But to recap - this album is absolutely amazing. To say it's my favorite album of the year is not stretching it, but if I said 'Lifelines' was my favorite heavy album of the year ... that would be the truth. I Prevail absolutely delivered on this album and I see nothing but success for them.

Listen to: Come and Get it  - Chaos -  RISE