Boston Manor - Be Nothing

Boston Manor

Be Nothing

Available September 30th

You never realize how much music gets released in a year unless you really pay attention. I've been sent so many singles, EPs, and albums this year that I've spent days listening to new music. Boston Manor's new album Be Nothing falls into the category of one of the best punk albums I've heard this year. 

I missed the opportunity to see them on the Pure Noise Tour due to visa issues on their end, but you can trust that I'll be front-and-center at their show with Like Pacific, Broadside, and Rarity October 12th in Boston. 

Everything about this album makes it a "must have" for anyone involved in the scene. Basically, if you went to Warped Tour or even thought about going to Warped Tour: buy this album. Though still gaining popularity, Be Nothing has the potential to propel them to the popularity of their future tourmates in Broadside. 

With ten tracks and a total run time of 35 minutes, Be Nothing is the bands longest work to date and something they should be proud of. Every track is different but familiar. Every track makes you want to get up and move around. We're inclined to say it's a perfect album. With the slower, more somber track 'Broken Glass' right in the middle, Be Nothing makes for a perfect playlist as you drive around with your friends this fall. 

Listen to: Burn You Up - This Song is Dedicated to Nobody