Straight Jacket Legends

You may not have heard of them, but, the Straight Jacket Legends are a band that are going places, count on it. They have a unique sound, and provide fresh pop punk riffs. We were lucky enough to talk to Jake and Dan, to get to know them (and Dan’s apparently small penis, he wanted you all to know that) and their band.  The gentleman are from Wales, which just is unfair, because the UK has a lot of great new pop punk coming out. They are currently signed to Paper + Plastick Records, and just dropped their debut album ‘Go Bananas’ which is available on iTunes and will be out on 10/19 via TME Records in Japan. Make sure to follow them on their Facebook and Twitter sites. You’ll want to know what these guys are up to.

My favorite song on the album probably has to be, Tell me how  you’re feeling, it’s just a great song to start the album with. Fast paced and the pinnacle of pop punk, it starts off their debut album perfectly. 
We of course wanted to know where their orchestra pop punk sound came from, because it’s something we hadn’t heard in pop-punk, and this is what they had to say:

Crowdsurf Central: Where did you guys get the orchestra sound from?
SJL: Dan - Being fans of some classical music, we figured it was a cool thing to add into pop punk.
Jake - Yeah, we listen to a lot of different music. there's always been something beautiful about strings in rock music.

Being from the UK, we wondered if they’d been to the US, or if they planned to come tour here, and we got some good news! No official announcements yet, but, we hope to see these guys stateside soon!

CSC: Have you ever toured in the US?
SJL: Dan - We have never been to the US touring, but we have had some provisional offers already so we are hoping to be there next year.
Jake - We haven’t with SJL but me and Dan have with our old band.

Since we asked the boys some questions about coming to America to tour, we wondered what some of their favorite tour memories were and who they’d like to tour with, and who has the weirdest habits! Get to know the band, that after listening to, you’ll want to see!

CSC: What’s your favorite tour memory/favorite band you’ve toured with?
SJL: Dan - Probably when we did a tour with MC Lars, and after a day or two, we find out that our bus driver was the keyboardist in Cradle Of Filth!
Jake - Hahaha yeah that was awesome. Also some memorable tour moments with Thomas Nicholas Band.

CSC: Which one of you has the weirdest habit/hobby?
SJL: Dan - I collect pictures of disregarded mattresses on the road, no seriously.
Jake - We’ve slept on some pretty questionable mattresses on tour haha

CSC: If you could tour with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?
SJL: Dan - For me, it would have to be Blink 182!
Jake- Hard question, there's just so many! Would be awesome touring with the bands we grew up with: Goldfinger, MxPx, Less Than Jake etc.

Check out their BandCamp page here.