Stokin' The Neighbors

Stokin’ The Neighbors just dropped their debut album, FEAR and it’s not bad. This album is a DIY punk dream, as they recorded all of it on their own at their houses. While the lyrics can be a little bit hard to distinguish (the audio is a little rough), you can tell that these guys are going to do something cool. I got some early Suicidal Tendencies vibes; especially from songs like ‘Noble Suicide’. 

I had the privilege of talking to the drummer Jared Martin and he told me some information about shows, “You can often catch us at the Squashed Warehouse and out at Geno’s and various bars in Portland. We're playing the Upstart Antisocial Campout in NY next weekend”. 

I personally haven’t been able to see them but I have a feeling that will change soon; I’m willing to bet these gentlemen put on one hellraiser of a show. You can find their album linked below, and their personal website as well if you want to get to learn more about them!