Trapt - Make America Rock Again

Trapt, the California-based rock band best known for their 2002 hit "Headstrong," is back at it with their seventh studio album "DNA."

The band is currently out on the "Make America Rock Again" tour which will feature other artists who had success in the 2000s. With names like Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, and Saving Abel, this is a tour you do not want to miss.

We had the chance to talk with bassist Pete Charell the new album and "Make America Rock Again Tour."

Crowdsurf Central: Where was the album recorded?

Pete Charell: The Omen Room in Garden Grove, CA

Crowdsurf Central: What was the writing process like?

Pete Charell: We wrote some stuff together and some stuff on our own and then combined forces to create this album.  Mainly, we would have some riffs and ideas that were recorded with programmed drums and then take that into a room and jam it out until it worked.

Crowdsurf Central: How do you maintain such a presence in the scene for so long?

Pete Charell: We still make albums and tour.   Our first single, Headstrong, exploded bigger than we could've ever imagined.  That enabled us to play in front of tons of people and gain a lot of fans.  Since then, we've been able  continue to tour and make albums for our fans and gain new fans along the way. 

Crowdsurf Central: What song on DNA is your favorite?

Pete Charell: It's tough to say.  I like different songs on DNA for different reasons.  

Crowdsurf Central: How is it having Brendan and Ty in the band?

Pete Charell: Having Ty and Brendan in the band is nice.  They are great at what they do.  Writing and recording with Ty was a big part of what made the sound of DNA.  Ty and I spent the majority of the time in the studio getting guitar and bass tones and coming up with cool overdubs.  Brendan is new to the band as of this tour and killing it.

Crowdsurf Central: The "Make America Rock Again" Tour has begun: What do you looking forward to most when touring? Favorite part about touring? Favorite city to play in?

Pete Charell: The make America rock tour started on August 6th.  My favorite part about touring is playing shows and getting to explore the world.  Certain cities are always fun, like NYC, Chicago etc.  It's also cool to play with other bands that you enjoy watching and hanging out with.

Crowdsurf Central: How do you survive tour?

Pete Charell: I have a ninja watching my back.  "Ninja" is our drum tech.  Having a solid crew helps move the tour along smoothly.  It's good to have people around that you can get along with and have a good time with.  It's also important to keep in touch with family over phone or see them as much as possible.

Be sure to catch Trapt in Portland, ME on September 18th.