Under Fire

Under Fire is a five-piece pop punk band out of Derry, NH and are a big name in the local scene. They had the opportunity to play on the Ernie Ball stage during the Boston stop of Vans Warped Tour last summer and had an amazing time. They have released two EP's (Under Fire and Lessons) and recently put out some new music. They opened for Handguns at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA in November and have a number of shows lined up all over New England in places like Bangor, Maine (Feb 26), Manchester, NH (Feb 27), and Cambridge, MA (Feb 13). You can check out their Facebook page and show dates by clicking here

Under Fire is: Josh Carley (vocals), Devin Dehart (Guitar), Kyle Blamy (Guitar), Ricky Butt (Bass), Jake Kisiel (Drums).

Which artist has been most inspiring to you?

Josh: Mine would have to be Linkin Park for band and Corey Taylor as a vocalist actually.

Ricky: Definitely Escape The Fate, when I first saw their music video for 'Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche on Xbox at my friends house when I was 15/16 I knew that's what I wanted to do. And Jaime Preciado is definitely my favorite bass player.

Devin: Underoath was a huge influence on me and Mark Tremonti (Creed) is actually my favorite guitarist. I just love his style.

Jake: Green Day and Creed believe it or not are what really got me into playing drums. Mike Portnoy was my big influence when I was younger. My first drum beats I learned were from listening to him.

Kyle: The Killers were a big influence on my writing and playing style. Wes Borland is 110% my favorite guitar player. He's so clever and I can't get enough of his unique style.

What do you wish to inspire in others?

Honestly. We just want people to be able to connect with our music and be able to get something out of it. Whether it's to follow your heart, aspire to be yourself or get you through tough times. There's no greater feeling than connecting with someone through music. It's hard to explain I guess, it's just something you can only experience. - Ricky

Which song is your guilty pleasure?

Josh – Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

Ricky – Dirty Pop by N'Sync

Devin – Live Like You Were Dyin' by Tim McGraw

Jake – Everytime We Touch by Cascada

Kyle – All The Things She Said by TATU

How was your Vans Warped Tour experience?

Incredible. It was a dream come true for all of is and we can only dream that one year we can play the whole tour. - Ricky

You guys have recently released a few singles, is there another EP coming?

Yeah, something like that. - Ricky

How can you, along with other bands, continue to help the local scene?

HELP EACH OTHER OUT. That's it, plain and simple. - Ricky

Pizza is pop-punk. What’s your favorite kind of pizza and where is it from?

Josh – Hawaiian/Anywhere

Ricky – Green peppers and onions/Anywhere

Devin – Buffalo Mac & Cheese/Plaistow Pizza

Jake – Green pepper and bacon/Dominos

Kyle – Chicken Finger/Romano's in Salem, NH