From States Away

From States Away are a pop punk band from the Tri-State (NY, NJ, CT) area who won a spot on the Ernie Ball Stage at the Hartford stop of Vans Warped Tour last summer. Consisting of Chris Lauletti (vocals), Scott Gunter (Guitar), Bennett Pisaniello (Guitar), Brendan Beebe (Bass), and Salvatore Salemme (Drums) the band packs a strong stage presence and pop punk vibe into their performances.  Coming from three different states is actually how the band came up with their name, and it really fits. 

Which artist has been most inspiring to you?

  • BENNETT: Growing up, Blink-182 was by far my biggest inspiration. They created my passion for music, and gave me the drive to become obsessed with the guitar. Nowadays, my heart belongs to Bayside. Brendan and I probably haven’t missed a Bayside show in NYC in over 5 years.
  • BRENDAN: Bayside because of their amazing songs, persistence and longevity as a band, and the humility theyhave. Since 2005 I have been following them and they have never let me down.
  • SAL: Early All Time Low changed my life but lately I've been inspired by The Wonder Years,Deep, and State Champs as far as my drumming taste is concerned.
  • CHRIS: Parker Cannon because he taught me I could be rhythmic and aggressive. Kayne West because he taught me to be fearless.
  • SCOTT: Lately The Wonder Years, previously Brand New

What do you wish to inspire in others?

  • BENNETT: All I hope for is for someone to listen to my music and relate to the songs in some way. Music has done so much for me, and hearing that one of our songs helped someone out in some way is always the greatest feeling I could have.
  • BRENDAN: To make music that you love, no matter what genre it is, just to do it with everything you got, andplay and sing every note like it's the last song you will ever sing.
  • SAL: As I get older I feel like everyone else is doing what society tells them is the right thing to do. I wantpeople to realize that sometimes what the masses are suggesting, may not necessarily be the best thing for them personally. So I would like to inspire people to stay true to themselves, and do more of what makes them happy. Not what the media or their parents or their friends are telling them will make them happy.
  • CHRIS: I want to inspire people to be comfortable in their own skin and be proud of themselves.
  • SCOTT: A positive culture at our shows with freedom to be whoever you want in the 30+ minutes we spend on stage.

What song is your guilty pleasure?

  • BENNETT: Anything from Ed Sheeran! That guy writes some great songs.
  • BRENDAN: Any song with Ja Rule and J-Lo together.
  • SAL: I would say Taylor Swift, but that's not guilty. Taylor Allison Swift is my soulmate. But there are few One Direction songs I really dig.
  • CHRIS: Leave by JoJo 
  • SCOTT: Taylor Swift - T-rouble

How was your Vans Warped Tour experience?

  • BENNETT: It was incredible. I’ve had the opportunity to play Warped Tour before in my previous band, and it was a mess! We were just so young and inexperienced. So this time around, we really had a grip on how to handle things and manage Warped Tour in the best possible way.
  • BRENDAN: Unreal. 2005 was the first warped tour I attended and 2015 I took my brother to his first warped tour and got to play with my friends. It was a dream come true. A lot has changed at warped tour. Just thankful for a few bands there that kept it real.
  • SAL: This  time around we were much more prepared and experienced when playing Warped Tour so itwas much more of an enjoyable experience than an exciting one. Last time it was a confusing blur, so this time I made sure to take in every single moment of that day.
  • CHRIS: It was the greatest day of my life.
  • SCOTT: Hot as B@LL$! Great time overall. Upon arrival, we were given the first time slot, whichimmediately dismantled our promotion plans, but we lucked out by not having to compete with other bands had a great turn out at the stage followed by a line at our tent!

You just released your music video for “Boyhood.” What’s the response to it been like?

  • BENNETT: It’s been really great so far. Warped is always such a special experience, and I was really glad we got to film ourselves the entire day to capture that. Especially with our song Boyhood, as in a lot of ways it’s about spending time with your friends growing up at places like Warped Tour.  Alex from Idealist Media Services did a fantastic job with the entire thing.
  • SAL: People seem to like the video, which we have to thank Alex from Idealist Media for. He did an amazing job and it was such a fun time hanging and shooting with him. We are excited to debut more new music and videos in 2016, so hopefully the positive feedback continues.
  • CHRIS: Its been super positive. Im just really stoked for everyone to hear this new EP we’re working on.
  • SCOTT: Overwhelming, I think a lot of kids can relate and our intent was to challenge every decision you've made growing up, ponder the whatifs but be ok with where you are now.

Can we expect any new music from you?

  • New music coming sometime in 2016!