Blossom is a five-piece female fronted pop punk band from Sydney, Australia. Over the weekend we caught up with guitarist Nick Laurie to ask him a few questions about the band, their up-coming debut album, and life in Australia.

What's the local scene like in Australia?

  • It's been a couple of years since I've been actively involved in the local scene here, however it still seems to be thriving with a newer wave of bands.

What bands first inspired you to start playing?

  • Initially? I guess the first songs I tired to learn on guitar were by bands like Lamb of God and Parkway Drive.

 What's the journey to the LP been like?

  • Interesting... The songs weren't composed with an [album] in mind. So that has just been a fairly recent concept that our manager Greg Long (We Are Triumphant) has come up with.

What's a tour typically like in Australia?

  • We have never done a complete national tour, so I can't answer that. We did do a couple of "weekenders" to other states like Melbourne and Adeliade a few years ago and always found the experience to be different than playing in our home city of Sydney. One of the venues we played in Melbourne, I can't quite remember the name, was the nicest venue we every played.

Do you have a favorite city to play in?

  • I don't have a favourite city to play, truthfully. But I do like Melbourne as it is a beautiful city.

What US city would you most like to play?

  • None in particular sticks out as a preference. However, I would prefer to tour Europe if I had to pick a part of the world to tour.

You released two songs off the album already, what's the response to them been like?

  • The response has been great. Greg has been putting a lot of work promoting the tracks, and pre-orders seem to be moving well. 

Blossom is: Sarah Buckley (vocals), Kerrod Williams (guitar), John Buckley (drums), Nick Laurie (guitar), Keanu McCormick (Bass). 

You can pre-order their album by clicking here.