Count To Ten

Pop/rock band Count To Ten's roots were formed early as childhood friends growing up in Nassau County, LI.  Band members Alex DeSalvo, Dan wolf and Jon Zaitz were exceptionally gifted musicians in their own right but it was a personal tragedy with the loss of a high school friend that was the catalyst for the formation of the band.  Soon after, Count To Ten had met Dan Koshulsky (Drummer)  who became an exceptional addition to the band. 

While the Count To Ten was initially a tribute to their late friend, their chemistry quickly became evident.  This was recognized by local club owners and booking agents leading to numerous live performance across Long Island and Manhattan.  Some of these performances include opening up for National acts such as Nine Days at The Paramount in Huntington.  Count To Ten was also hand-picked to perform at LI's Great South Bay Music Festival where they opened up for Taking Back Sunday and Circa Survive.

Count To Ten has been compared to acts such as : All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, The Maine, Taking Back Sunday and The Script.  The band is currently managed by Airgo Entertainment which is headed by Music Industry  veterans Jimmy Greco (Carlos Santana, Jennifer Lopez), Russ DeSalvo (Celine Dione, Lionel Richie) and Bill Porricelli (Paul Mccartney). Count To Ten will be releasing their single “Neck Deep” in fall of 2016.  

Crowdsurf Central: How was the band formed?

Count To Ten started out as three acoustic guitar playing punks in the fall of 2010 after our dear friend passed away.  Losing our friend Brittany brought a lot of our friends together and we started to jam on our favorite tunes to help with the pain. 

What music do you have and where can it be found?

At the moment we have acoustic covers available on our youtube page (CountToTenMusic).  We will be releasing our first single "Neck Deep" this fall with our first music video.  We are really happy with the single and can't wait to show it to our fans!   

What is your writing process like?

Our writing process starts at a few different places.  When we first started we would usually sit down with acoustics and write together.  Recently we have been starting tracks with no lyric or melody just song structures and writing over the track, we try to do both ways and write as much as possible.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Some of our biggest inspirations came from early LI punk such as Taking Back Sunday and Brand New.  We also try to keep our writing in a style of pop such as All American Rejects and All Time Low. 

Any wild or funny stories?

We used to always play mini acoustic concerts for the pizza delivery guy or show him the latest thing we are working on to get outside feedback.  He's a solid guy! 

Favorite local venue?

Without a doubt our favorite local LI venue is Revolution.  It's a great place for young bands to start at and they always take care of you.  The sound at Revolution is always powerful thanks to their FOH engineer Breezy, he always gets it right. 

What's next for Count To Ten?

We don't want to give too much away but the next step for us is the release of our single "Neck Deep" and the music video to follow with a release show.  You can expect an EP in the spring of 2017 and hopefully an east coast tour!