Dreams of Vertigo - Orange County Rock

Dreams of Vertigo, essentially, started with an idea. The idea in question is that recent music just isn't up to par with the high standards of the average music listener. 

Watch the music video for "An (Un)Easy Goodbye" below.

Crowdsurf Central: How did the band form?

Dreams of Vertigo: We formed in 2012 as a solo acoustic project. We knew we wanted to make it a full band eventually. In the sense that bands like Secondhand Serenade and Dashboard Confessional started, but more pop punk, alt rock style.  About 6 months later we officially became a full  band.  We wanted to make music for the sole purpose of making music. No genres, just making music we like. 

CSC: Southern California must be a flooded market, how do you make yourselves stick out?

DOV: We are fortunate to have built up different connections over the years, and every one in the band has been through the So Cal music scene.  Truly, the only reason we are here is because of the bands and industry people who have believed in us and what we represent and helped us become bigger.

CSC: Tell us more about what inspired you to write "(Un)Easy Goodbye."

DOV: The song was originally written by our bass player Gonz. He wrote the song a couple of years ago, but at the time, wasn't in a band he felt would fit the sound.  He brought it to us and we all loved it.  As a singer, I'm always writing. I was driving to my parents from the gym awhile ago and I saw this guy on a freeway overpass. He was just sitting there ready to jump onto the freeway and commit suicide.  It was such a horrible thing to witness. I could see the defeat on him. He just had no reason to live.  So I decided to write a story about what his life might have been, and how he got to where he was that day.  To many people are plagued by depression and suicide. It's sad, but you don't have to go very far to find someone who either knows someone who committed suicide or attempted to.  We wanted to raise awareness about this topic and show people that they may feel alone, but they are not. 

CSC: You're strong advocates of the "anti-pay-to-play" movement. Tell us more.

DOV: We just feel that, with all the bands in Orange County, it's easy for promoters to be lazy. For promoters to not want to do their job and still make a lot of money.  Pay to  play is one of the biggest things that's hurting the music industry.  If you were going into a job interview and your hiring manager said "okay you have the job, when can you pay ME".  You would laugh your ass off and walk out of the room. Why shouldn't it be the same for musicians.  We are spending thousands of dollars on equipment, recording, photos, and thousands of hours writing music and trying to practice that as much as you can.  Why should WE as a musician, pay YOU the booking agent? In today's world, its us against them in so many aspects, and it shouldn't be. A show should be run  as a joint effort. Not a promoter finding 5 bands on Facebook, putting their name on the website, doing no PROMOTING, and then still walking away with a paycheck.  While the band has no way to get to their next city. 

CSC: You're headed out soon for the "End of Summer Road Trip Tour" - what are you looking forward to most?

DOV: Playing in towns we have never been to.  We played last year in Fresno in December and it was honestly one of the best shows ever.  It's fun to get out to new places, and play for people who have no clue who you are.  That's the best way to find out who you are as a band.  Play in front a new crowd every day.  Also, we are playing with our friends in The Alienated. They are one of the coolest bands around Orange County. 

CSC: What's in your tour survival kit?
DOV: Alcohol, lots of it.  Phone chargers, occassional water, and money for gas and food lol. 

CSC: You've got a new EP coming out soon, what can you tell us about it? 

DOV: Writing Part Two was an interesting process.  In the past it was like "let's write a EP".  This time, we just got back into the practice room and started jamming. It was a weird time to be in a band for us because we had just lost our lead guitarist Devin. So I know personally.... I wasn't exactly in a good mood every practice, and I felt so lost. I think we all did as a band.  Once Joe came  in though, it lit this huge fire under us.  He inspired us to continue to make music.  We probably wrote around 20 songs for this EP, and our favorite 6 made the cut.  It's called "Reject University Part 2: From Six 2 Midnight" and its fun, it's dark, it's melodic and diverse.  We have done things on this record we have never tried before.  That all is because we have someone like Joe now who brings out a whole new element to the band.