Crowdsurf Central Local Spotlight: Dreamer & Son

We talked with Dreamer & Son frontman Sayak Das after a show in Derry, New Hampshire.

Dreamer & Son is:

  • Sayak Das - Vocals & Guitar  
  • Jake Sierzega - Bass  
  • Matt Bolton - Guitar  
  • Josh Parra - Drums

Crowdsurf Central: Where is everyone from?

Dreamer & Son :Sayak is from Ashburn, VA but grew up in Columbus, OH. Matt (guitars) is from Shreveport, LA. Jake is from Joliet, IL, and Josh is from Muskegon, MI

CSC: How did the band form?

D&S: The band formed originally as my (Sayak) solo project. I asked a few of my friends if they'd play one live show with me for fun and the group stuck. There was a certain chemistry there that none of us had truly felt before. Since then, we established ourselves as a full band and abandoned the solo project, truly becoming Dreamer & Son.

CSC: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

D&S: Our music inspirations range from the Dear Hunter and Gates to Kings of Leon and Tides of Man.

CSC: What music do you have out and where can it be found?

D&S: We released our debut EP "Written Off, Moving On" in April. It can be found at, Itunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc. There are also physical copies that will be available with the launch of our website.

CSC: What is your writing process like?

D&S: Considering that this band started off as my solo project, I have been heavily involved with the writing process. As of now, I come up with the "skeleton" of the song and sit down with Matt. He is a recording wiz, so we end up spending hours demoing and bouncing ideas off of each other. Jake and Josh are usually there as well, giving their input for the overall song. We then split up and write our own parts out to the general outline that we agree on. Jake adds a unique and personable flair to the rhythm section, the likes of which I think truly make a difference in the outcome of our song. Josh also has the ability to compose deceptively complex percussive parts, which glue the entire song together. We meet up afterwards and test the song out until we think we have it right.

CSC: What was the recording process like for your latest EP?

D&S: We recorded at VuDu studios in Long Island, New York with Mike Watts and a team of incredibly experienced engineers. We recorded the EP in 5 days, which I previously thought was impossible. Overall, the recording process was an absolute blast.

CSC: Favorite venue?

D&S: The Piranha Bar - Montreal, QC. This place hosted our best show of tour. The sound was amazing, the stage was neat and spacious, the location was prime. Everything about this place was amazing. A close runner up would be the Middle East, solely because we've played our first/biggest shows there.

CSC: Most memorable show?

D&S: This is a three-way tie between our Montreal show, our sold out Middle East Downstairs show opening for The Spill Canvas, or our EP release show at the Middle East upstairs. I already explained the Montreal show, the only thing I didn't mention was how incredibly positive the crowd was. They were eager to be a part of the show. The Middle East downstairs show is memorable as it is our biggest show to date. The whole place was sold out and we played for over 500+ people. Our EP release show is also very memorable as I called up the entire audience on stage with us at the end of Not One Dry Eye to headbang/sing with me, which was an amazing experience.

CSC: Are there plans for a full-length?

D&S: Yes. We are well into the process of writing out the full length.

You can listen to Dreamer & Son's EP 'Written Off, Moving On' here.

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