Trash'n'Clean - Italian Punk Rock

Trash'n'Clean, an Italian punk rock band, have been together for a few years now. Formed by Mark (rhythm guitar), Danny (lead guitar), and Mario (drums) - they initially played covers until Fabio (vocals) and Marchino (bass) came into the picture when things became more serious. They began writing their first EP in December of 2014 and believe that was the real beginning of Trash'n'Clean as it is now.

Taking their name from an Italian tissue brand called Fresh & Clean, the band tells us, "We liked the idea of distorting their name because it's stupid as shit. Also, no one really knows them outside of Italy which is the market we are aiming at... so... why not?"

Everyone in the band grew up listening to bands like The Ataris, NOFX, Rancid, and blink 182, but consider themselves to be very open minded musicians and have listened to a wide variety of artists. "Our drummer comes from the crossover world," we were told as they referenced bands like Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, and Rage Against the Machine. "This is definitely something particular that brings a bit of groove to some of our songs."

Trash'n'Clean lead singer Fabio has character in his voice and loves catchy melodies. "This means that most of the time he is considered too harsh for pop, but too melodic or hardcore or metal," we were told. "We all think this is a great hook which we need to use more and more in our songs," the band continued to say. "Overall, our background and personal characteristics make us a band that likes pop and linear songwriting. At the same time we love rough sounds and a bit of bite, which means that we could never be a pop rock band. Right now we are finding ourselves in the position where no one is actually able to label us and put ourselves into a specific 'family' of punk rock or pop punk music. However… we think this is a strength. It just takes time to become such."

But if you're in Italy why sing in English? That has to be a question many of you are asking yourselves right now. The answer is actually pretty simple: the market. "Italy is the place where heavy electric guitars are the least favorite things ever, musically speaking," they told us. "Majors are looking for melodic and mellow pop, hip-hop or EDM music... preferably in Italian." There is, however, a small market for punk rock in Italy. "Milan is a pretty posh place where DJ sets win and hip-hop is the main underground genre. Outside of Milan though, it is a different story. Our genre is stronger than people might think, especially around Parma, Bologna and Vicenza/Venezia. The punk scene is full of interesting artists here. Unfortunately, it never reaches the major labels though."

Trash'n'Clean recently released a single titled "Razorblade" which was initially a draft written by bassist Marchino after joking with singer Fabio about making a song about... well... shaving genitals. It was immediately taken seriously and became one of their favorite tracks. You can listen to it below. 

All of Trash'n'Clean's music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital stores. Their YouTube channel is full of interesting live and acoustic sets, they encourage you to go check them out. "Stuff is about to get real serious," they said. "We need you to be tuned."