Gunnar's Top-Ten Punk Songs

 It’s another top ten list for you people to argue about.

With all the new music coming out, I, your Maine punk Gunnar thought I would give you what I think are the best ‘punk’ songs to come out year. Please send me hateful emails about the fact that I left off all sorts of bands from your hometown, and send me their music (but really). Send em’ here:

1.Green Day: Bang Bang

Okay, so this one might be a bit of a personal bias but honestly the kings of modern punk music have put out a new single, with an album coming out October 7th and they rocked it. This song was a much needed rebirth for the band after the three albums at once Uno, Dos and Tre (and I don’t care what you say, some of those songs were actually good and you know it). The song itself is a fast angry song that reminds me of the the Green Day of old  something reminiscent of Insomniac or Dookie both of which were, and in fact still are, fantastic. Made putting this new song at the top an easy choice. The album if it follows suit with this is absolutely going to blow people away, and we all know we want them to tour. 

2. The Interrupters: She Got Arrested

The Interrupters just released Say It Out Loud, which absolutely rocks, and the messages on the album could not be better. This song (She Got Arrested) is about a woman shooting her abusive husband, and not giving a fuck about the consequences. Talk about a woman standing up for herself. Did we mention they were a female fronted band? But you probably knew that. This album kicks ass. With some catchy tunes that are great to sing along to and if you want to sing along with them you can! Catch them on their tour with Bad Cop, Bad Cop, they’ll be in Alston at the Brighton Music Hall November 1st.

3.PUP: ‘DVP’ 
PUP has gotten a lot of love from us at Crowdsurf Central, especially after the new album, The Dream is Over. The album is fast and thrashy, probably one of the best albums I’ve ever heard, and is encapsulated in the song, DVP. A fast song about a man who drinks far too much. This song really just makes you want to jump around and see PUP perform, which is great, because they tour all the time.  They’ll be in Cambridge Mass on October 21st.

4.NOFX: ‘6 years on dope’

NOFX always puts out solid material and this was no exception. They have a new album coming out, and the single off it was a hard hitting one about addiction. It’s an amazing sound and if the rest of the album is anything like this, oh boy are we in for a treat. With Fat Mike’s musical and the book, NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, we wonder what can’t they do? They don’t have any shows on the east coast in the near future, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

5.Sum 41: ‘Fake My Own Death’

Okay, so it’s the long hoped for return of Sum 41! I was nervous when I first heard the new song. It’s less like their earlier stuff, but it still absolutely rocks. With Derek out of rehab, and finally healthy this album is going to be powerful. Catch Sum 41 in Boston at the House of Blues on October 11th.

6.Direct Hit!: ‘Was It The Acid’

Direct Hit! put out their new album, Wasted Mind, and wow was it amazing. Just a great song to jam out to, a clear punk rock essence. I don’t have much else to say about the song itself, but make sure to catch Direct Hit! if you get the opportunity. They are only touring on the West Coast right now, but we hope they’ll make their way East.

7. Against Me!: ‘333’ 

Against Me!, simply put, is very good. And this song was no exception to their usual excellence. We love Against Me!, and if you want to see them live you can catch them at Port City Music Hall on September 20th, or, in Boston at the Royale on the 19th. 

8. Descendents: ‘Victim of Me’

Alright so I’m going to come clean here and admit that I’ve never been the largest listener of the Descendents but I fell in love with this song. Stunning work, and a great beat. A song that I feel like every skater will put on their Spotify playlists. The song is off their new album Hypercaffium Spazzinate, and if you want to see them catch them at the Royale on October 6th.

9.A Day to Remember: ‘Naivety’

ADTR is making a new album. I was skeptical at first but I actually really enjoyed this song. A bit different than their usual style, it;s a fast pace song, that truly sounds like a punk rock anthem. We here at Crowdsurf Central are looking forward to seeing the rest of the album. You can catch ADTR on tour with Blink 182, in Bangor, Maine on September 3rd. 

10. The Menzingers: ‘Lookers’

The Menzingers never fail to surprise me, which I’ve always enjoyed. This song is a bit slower, which is completely fine. This is your typical late night drive punk rock song for when you need to clear your mind. They sing that Jersey girls are total heartbreakers, but we all know that New England girls are the real heartbreakers. If you need to see these guys live (would highly recommend it, great live show) you can see them when they inevitably come back to the East Coast. 

Honorable  mentions:

  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! 'Blame It On This Song'
  • The Bouncing Souls: 'Up To Us'
  • Jeff Rosenstock: 'Festival Song'