CSC Statement

After the tragic incident that took place in Orlando we first need to take time to remember those affected. 

It was a hate crime, plain and simple. The club was chosen because it was a prominent LGBT space in the city, and that makes our hearts ache.  Now more than even we need to come together as a scene, as a community. 

Please know that if you are ever at a show and feel unsafe you NEED to speak up. Find a tour manager, find security, a bartender, FIND SOMEONE. There is absolutely no reason for anyone, LGBT or not, to feel unsafe at a show. Most recently PUP released a statement about an incident at their show in San Diego:

Last night in San Diego, it was brought to our attention that a few women were made to feel uncomfortable at our show. This is flatly unacceptable.

Hear us and hear us loud and clear: if you engage in the type of behaviour that makes ANYONE feel uncomfortable at our shows, you are not welcome. Period. There will be no discussion about that.

Our shows are communal safe spaces for everyone to enjoy themselves without any fear whatsoever. We are committed to that ideal, and do our best to uphold it, so we ask that all people who purchase tickets to our shows uphold it as well.

Most importantly know that all of us at Crowdsurf Central stand with you. If you ever need someone to talk to please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can start healing. Do not be afraid. Love will always be greater than hate. Love will always win.