VISTA is a new and up coming band from the New Jersey/New York area. Inspired by acts like Paramore and Set it Off they have a very unique sound that is unmatched in the scene right now.

Stemming from frontwoman Hope Vista's solo career, alternative rock band VISTA launched in January of 2016 with the addition of Wolf (drums) and Brian (guitar/backing vox). Hope started posting videos to YouTube in back in 2006 before her channel got deleted, causing her to start over in 2007. "I was so terrible," she said, "I got harassed in school for posting YouTube videos and as they started to gain in popularity it just got worse." Her main goal, she said, was to get herself out to as large of an audience as possible. "It worked in a way," she laughed, "but the videos were still terrible. I look back and completely cringe!"

The idea of forming a band, rather than just being a solo act, came together a long time ago, the band told us. In October of 2015 Wolf, Hope's touring drummer at the time, had already been talking about the idea for a while when it finally became serious. It was nearly decided before Hope released her final solo EP, "Prevail." She was feeling stuck but didn't know which direction to go in and tells us that she had been doing the same thing for so long that it felt like there was no place for her as a solo power-pop-punk female artist. "I never wanted to be a frontwoman," she said, "But I realized that this would be the biggest challenge that I wanted injected back in my career." Facing that fear head on was exactly what she needed.

Hope and Wolf are the primary song writers for VISTA. They both have separate strengths which allow them to work together perfectly. Wolf excels at writing instrumental parts while Hope's strength lies in lyrics and melody. The band wants to show their fans what hard work can do. "It truly pays off," they told us, "and we're taking a huge risk by trying to define and create our own genre, but that's what is good about it! Taking those risks, diving in head first, and trying to not fear the unknown."

 Their debut single "On the Brink," has been doing exceptionally well for an unannounced release and they are finishing tracking their upcoming EP, "Versus" this weekend (3/26-27). Their single is expected to be the lead track on the album. You can listen to a clip of their single below.

Photo by: Lauren Taylor

Photo by: Lauren Taylor