Two O'Clock Courage

What would prompt a band to give their album away for free? That was the main question on our mind when we sat down with Two O'Clock Courage frontman James Davidson.

"Without getting into the band drama that everyone loves so much," he said, "We're giving it away for two reasons. Vaguely speaking, it became far too difficult to try and organize the release of this record on my own and manage the monetary side of it. Secondly, we finished the album almost two years ago and because of all this drama and the business side of it, the record sat in limbo and I hated it."

James joined TOCC after responding to a post on MySpace (yes, you read that right) stating that the band was in search of new singers. Growing up on plethora of bands like Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and others who are all heading out on 10th anniversary tours, James saw himself as a music junkie. "I would scour the internet for bands no on had heard of," he told us, "I like to think I was an early passenger on most of those bands that are super successful now."

The album, Missalette, is set to drop on Friday and was funded entirely out of pocket by the band. "I hate crowdfunding," James told us, "I hate people asking for money on the internet. I work hard at making music and I make it on my own accord. I do it using my own money that I work for all day, and I work incredibly hard at the business of this band so this sort of felt like an investment more than an earning opportunity. Long story short, I just love the people that love this band and I couldn't stand asking them for money for something that I felt like they had already paid for with their support."

"All of us went to work and took the money out of our bank accounts and paid for it to get made," James continued. "We would work all day and then whoever had to record that day would drive two hours, waiting through rush hour traffic, and drive to the studio, track their parts, then hopefully make it home before 3AM so they could sleep before they had to work the next day. Funding this record out-of-pocket is a labor of love." The album was recorded at Apparition Sound in Thompson, CT with Chris Curran. I was mixed and mastered at Valencia Studios with Paul Leavitt.

The album comes out April 8th and the band plans on traveling up and down the West Coast and hope to make it back east for some shows in the future. Listen to "6:06 to Grand Central" and "Misericorde" below and be sure to pick up the album this Friday.