The Dream Is Over

Written and submitted by Gunnar Heckler

PUP just released their new album, “The Dream Is Over” and they might be right, as it seems the dream is over: Because it’s no longer a dream. PUP absolutely killed it, this album is everything I was hoping for and then some. The dream has become a reality, they are quickly hurtling toward stardom like a car driving too fast down the drive valley parkway. The album is a unique sounding one, it’s just raw powerful emotion crammed into 10 great “grungepunk” (I don’t know how else to classify them) rock songs. I haven’t really figured out who to compare them too, which is part of why I love them so much, PUP is truly unique.

This Album has a lot of great songs on it, picking one to be my favorite was tough. Songs like “DVP” “Can’t Win” and “Familiar Patterns” are damn near perfect, but I think my favorite is “Sleep In The Heat”. To be honest though, I crave all these songs the same, having a favorite is like trying to pick from your favorite beers: they all are just fine.

Make sure to catch PUP in Allston Mass on June 23rd. These guys are rumored to put on a hell of a show, and if their album can grant this much emotion through headphones, just imagine what the atmosphere at one of their shows must be like.