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I've made mistakes
I know you're mad, so please let me explain
I won't pretend it's fine but now I'm thinking more clearly
since I've been back on my feet
life just got the best of me
I lost myself, and couldn't find the key

So I tried to break free

Now I believe
that life is short and death is bittersweet
I needed a reminder that not everything's easy
and I'm still understanding
what my place in all this means
but I'll do my best with what the future brings

I've gotta learn to love me

All I need
is anthem I can sing out every day
A battlecry to take my pain away
I'll try harder just the same
but I need an anthem
an anthem can save me

I'm sorry now for what I did
I only wanted peace
I know you may not understand
but I was down and looking for release
release, yeah

So I tried to break free