Philly punks Tardigrade to debut new song

Via Darth Fader Records

Tardigrade is a young band based out of Philadelphia, PA. Their debut single, “Hypnopaedia,”  was released digitally on all major platforms on February 10th and they are following that release up with a second single entitled “Solitary” on March 31st. Hypnopaedia garnered quite an impressive response for a debut track from a brand new band. In just over a month, the song has received well over 1,500 plays across all platforms with the YouTube video approaching the 1,000 view mark itself. On top of that, the song has received airplay on college radio stations internationally, placement on several spotify playlists curated by music blogs and positive reviews from music critics within the DIY Punk scene. Solitary is expected to receive an even greater response as the band has begun to make a name for themselves.

Listen to "Hypnopaedia" below:

The new song will be live on all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon Music as well as through the Darth Fader Records YouTube channel.

Tardigrade is a project started by Luke Mills with the production and recording help of his brother, Craig Mills. Together, they wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered both these songs on their own and with help from their friends. They took influence from bands within the modern melodic punk scene such as Title Fight and Touché Amoré to create a politically charged, angry and driving punk sound. With the apparent success of the first song and the expected even larger reach of the second, Luke has assembled a group of musicians to fill out the backing band so that Tardigrade can begin booking shows and even a short tour in the coming months. Tardigrade is currently working on demos for even more new material which they plan to release in a larger body of work in the coming months.