Hardcore/metal band To The Wind has teamed up with today to debut a brand new music video for their song “Can’t Stay (My Love).”

“We could've made videos for every song because they all have significant meaning and we love them all. But, we chose this one in particular because the lyrics express feelings about touring year after year consistently. In the beginning touring is all I wanted to do because i felt that it was all I had. I thought it was the only thing that made me happy. In the last couple years something slightly changed. As I grew i started having regrets in my personal life. I feel there is a lot I've missed out on because of the constant traveling, but at the same time i feel very accomplished because of all the things I've had the chance to do and see. I wrote most of this song while we were in Toronto recording the record. A lot of my raw emotions were invested into the song. I was very vulnerable and didn't have much time to filter anything out. This song to me is kind of my anthem to all different aspects of my life both on and off the road.” - Tanner Murphy (vocals)

“Can’t Stay (My Love)” is featured on To The Wind’s latest album, The Brighter View, which is available now from Pure Noise Records at The record follows the band’s critically heralded 2014 full-length Block Out The Sun & Sleep. The Brighter View was recorded by Derek Hofman and produced by Andrew Neufelf of Comeback Kid and features vicious, standout tracks like “Don’t Wanna Know,” “Temporary Escape” and “The Brighter View.”