Blind Revision Interview

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Blind Revision a bad ass female fronted band with influences from all sorts of heavy rock music.  Each member brings their own influences to the table to form a powerful and intricate sound.  Blind Revision is not one to sleep on.

Just last week, we got a chance to chat with Blind Revision about their upcoming EP Of White and Grey which will be released May 14th and their East Coast tour that starts up May 17th.   

Crowdsurf Central: Tell me a little bit about Blind Revision.  What is the story of how you guys started playing and writing together?

  • Phil: I had met Kirk at orientation during our first year of college and we ended up living together for most of our time there. We had always tried starting a band, and played the open mic nights at campus events when we could. Fast forward a few years and we were looking for someone to sing, so we posted in a Facebook group for musicians at our school and Jen responded. We played together that summer, but when school started back up I was too busy with classes to continue. They started Blind Revision, and when an opening for a bass player came back up, I was invited to play with them, again.
  • Jake: I’m kind of the newbie of the band. My last band, Neverless, played a show with BR a few years ago with our mutual friends, Chronovore. About a half a year later, Blind Revision lost a guitarist and a bassist and Jamie asked if I wanted to jam with them. The rest is history, and almost two years later I couldn’t be happier.
  • James: Kirk, one of the guitar players, and I have pretty much known each other off-and-on for as long as we can remember, but we really started hanging out a lot when we started playing our respective instruments.  A couple years into us both attending separate colleges, we decided to start jamming again with Jen who Kirk met at college.  We added a bass player and another guitarist, called ourselves Blind Revision, and then started to play some shows.  Over time we adjusted our line-up to include our other guitar player Jake, who came from a recommendation from a friend of mine in our local scene, and our bass player Phil who Kirk also met when he first attended college.
  • Jen: That pretty much sums it up!

Crowdsurf Central: When you write, where does the music and lyrics come from? Like what would you say your process is?

There’s no real formula for it, it just happens. The music is typically a collaboration between everyone. Someone will propose a riff or a skeleton of a song and we will add in the meat and tendons and other organs that make the song come to life. Jen will write lyrics to the song once we are all happy with the way the music sounds.

Crowdsurf Central: I noticed that on this newest EP, you guys kind of have two titles to each song. What made you guys decide to do that? 

The EP is a concept about a main character that is dealing with different problems, each corresponding to a different lobe of the brain. The last song, Ashes, is about the end of the world, and the end of the protagonist’s world as well, and does not correspond directly to one area, as that song symbolizes the ending to the character’s story.

Crowdsurf Central: So shortly after the EP release you guys are going on tour.  Where are you going/Where are you most excited to go?

We are going to Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, consecutively. We will then have shows in Massachusetts and our homecoming Rhode Island show. In general we are just excited to play a show in a new venue / state every day. We love meeting new people at shows too.

Crowdsurf Central: Who will you be touring with?/ Who are you most excited to play with?

For this tour we’re on our own and on each stop we’re playing with some awesome bands from each state. We’re really excited to play our homecoming/release show with Sic Vita, The Morgana Phase, and Carpathia. It’s the perfect cherry on top of the tour sundae. We are also very excited to meet up with Novarium again in Maryland. We played with them previously in Salem, MA and they are phenomenal. Also the May 26th show is when our good friends in Frantic Endeavor are having their own EP release show and we couldn’t be happier to have been invited to play.

Crowdsurf Central: What are the plans for after the tour?

We’re extremely excited about this new material, so we won’t be stopping for long after these upcoming shows. We’ll probably continue playing a lot of New England shows to promote the EP while working on new material. We already have some rough ideas forming and even some full arrangements, but nothing to put out for a while. Lastly, we are working on a music video, but we don’t have a release date for it yet. Stay tuned!

Crowdsurf Central: Alright final question, and it’s a little unrelated.  Who in the band would win in a Pokemon battle and why? 

  • Jake: It’d be a pretty close call Pokemon-wise, but if it were a Yu-Gi-Oh duel I’m pretty sure I’d come out on top.
  • James: I would not know what to do with myself, so I would definitely be the first to go.
  • Kirk: Okay I would definitely win Yu-Gi-Oh. James and I have been training since we were kids.
  • Jen: No no. I would win Yu-Gi-Oh. Don’t underestimate my nerd power.
  • Phil: I think you just gave us something to do on tour. We will have to get back to you on this matter.

Catch Blind Revision on tour on one of the dates below and be sure to pick up their EP on May 14.

5/17 Wallingford, CT - Cherry Street Station
5/18 Trenton, NJ - Millhill Basement
5/19 Allentown, PA - Strange Brew Tavern
5/20 Gaithersburg, MD - Raw Ink Tattoo Studio
5/26 Wareham, MA - 3065 Live
6/2 Newport, RI - Jimmy's Saloon