Supporting the Local Scene: Do's and Don'ts

The New England scene is growing and is especially strong up here where we are (Haverhill, MA/Manchester, NH, Portland & Bangor, ME). I might be biased, but it is probably one of the strongest scenes around. Show turnout is great and it feels like we are one giant family. 

Despite that, here's a list of do's and don'ts just in case some problems arise. We found the list here and felt that we needed to share their tips.

  • Trashing other bands isn't cool. You might think it hurts their reputation, but it actually hurts yours. No one wants to play with or book an asshole.
  • Standing at the back of the room acting uninterested doesn't help either. Get up front and sing along.
  • Image is important. Cargo pants aren't trendy anymore (were they ever?).
  • Attending shows that you aren't playing is the best way to contribute to your local scene.
  • You don't need press to pack a show. You need a good work ethic.
  • Most higher-ups in the scene are friends with each other. Get in with one of them, you're good. Piss one off: you're screwed.
  • Physical promo materials are very important. Get out there and put up some fliers.
  • You need to conquer your hometown before you hit the road. If no one cares about you locally, how are you going to draw a crowd elsewhere?
  • Secondly, touring means nothing if people don't show up. Do not tour unless you know you can draw a crowd.
  • Don't play shows every week; it hurts your draw. Playing once every six to eight weeks will get more people to your shows. (Supply and demand, dude)
  • You won't get paid every time you play a local show, that's just the way it is. Sometimes exposure is as good as getting paid.
  • Once you PROVE you can consistently get a draw at a show you will get paid.
  • And finally: Go out of your way to help others in your scene, it will come back around. Go to shows, help run merch, help your promoter renovate the venue, do doors at a local show, buy local band merch. Help promote local shows.

Go to shows and have fun!