Vanna Says Farewell

In a somber Facebook post on April 28th, long-time New England favorite Vanna announced their farewell tour.

The hardcore band has had a huge impact on the New England music scene and bands throughout the area will be forever grateful for their influence.

The best way to go out is with your friends, and that is exactly what Vanna is doing. Local bands Crisis AD, Lions Lions, and Actor-Observer will be joining Vanna on select dates. Ghost Key, Sirens & Sailors, Unwill, Phinehas, and Backwordz will also join on select dates.

Vanna's farewell post on their social medica accounts was hearwrenching:

Our band has always strived to take the negative in our lives and use it to fuel positive change. To foster good in a world that can be so bad. That and to cause the biggest ruckus with our fans while doing so. The relationship we share with you all and with our music has brought us to places we never dreamed of going; countries we never thought we'd step foot on, stages we only dreamed of playing. But the biggest impression left is the overwhelming sense of family that this scene has given us and let us be a part of. It's helped us become the men we are today and, in a way, is partly responsible for different parts of our lives blossoming. After touring for over 10 years, living our lives on the road and on the stage, it's time for us to go chase those other dreams that may have waited on a shelf. We've started families, careers, and new lives all the while spending our nights sweating in a club or a Warped Tour parking lot with you and those sides of us and our lives need attention as much as Vanna did. Words can't begin to express what you have all done for us. In keeping with always sharing ourselves with you, we now turn to you to share one last time with us. Let's make this tour a celebration of every moment and memory as well as make a bunch of new ones with some amazing friends and bands. Come sing your hearts out and inevitably cry your eyes out with us as we leave a little piece of Vanna on every stage. This isn't goodbye forever, it's just a 'we'll see you around'. Our music will be here whenever you need it, we truly love you and we will miss you all. But remember, all good things must come to an end, but all good things can begin again. Viva Vanna

At the Hartford, CT stop of Warped Tour last summer, I was lucky enough to talk with frontman Davey Muise and one particular moment stuck with me: when he spoke about the passion New England fans have for their scene. It's all I've ever known, but I know it's something special.

Make sure you get out to one of the shows, they're going to be special.

- Viva Vanna -