The Nearly Deads Interview

We had the chance to chat with The Nearly Deads before they head out on the "Break Into Action Tour." Their new album Revenge of The Nearly Deads comes out May 26th. Check out what they had to say and be sure to pick up your ticket for their May 18th show in Lowell at Mill City Ballroom.

Crowdsurf Central: In a market where it's hard to have a female front a band, how have you made yourselves stick out?

The Nearly Deads: I don't believe that it is hard to have a female front a band. As far as standing out, ANY band has challenges with this. Due to the decline of the music industry, the availability of ProTools, and the fact that there are a lot more bands and a lot less venues now, it's a challenge for anyone to be unique. The fun thing about that is that people can sense if you're being fake or phony from a mile away, and as long as you stay authentic and true to yourself, you'll find a fan base that loves you for exactly what you do. You can't be too caught up in what the industry expects, because if you are, you're two steps behind the game anyway. As for us, I think our mix of piano-driven grunge and powerful pop vocals (I'm classically trained) help us stand out as well as our sense of humor and attention to detail in our music videos and artwork. 

CSC: What was the inspiration behind your zombie music video?

TND: With a name like The Nearly Deads and a brand new EP coming out, our producer really wanted to do a zombie video for us. We bought The Walking Dead Season 1 DVD and used a lot of their zombie special effects makeup tips. It was also right before Halloween and The Walking Dead Season 2 premiere, so what could be more perfect? 

CSC: You're on tour now - what are you looking forward to most about being on the road?

TND: I'm really looking forward to meeting our hardcore fans and making some new ones! Plus, being able to play music every night with my best friends just feels like home. 

CSC: Which cities are you most excited to play?

TND: I'm very excited to finally play The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC and Whisky A Go Go in LA.

CSC: Bad Seed Rising is touring with you, have you listened to them at all? What surprises you most about them?

TND: I have indeed listened to them and seen them play live. What most surprised me was when Francesca opened her mouth to scream the first time, I was NOT expecting that! I had only heard a few songs before I saw them live, and none of them had screaming. I was totally impressed and couldn't be more excited to hit the road with them. 

CSC: Tour ends right before your new album comes out, how much of the new album will you be playing on tour?

TND: We'll be playing almost the entire thing! Definitely a lot of new music on this run. 

CSC: Is there a "Revenge of The Nearly Deads" tour planned?

TND: We always have things in the works so stay tuned!