Why do so many people bash I Prevail?

Seriously, can somebody explain this to us? Maybe we're behind on the times and missed something, but the latest internet trend in the music world is to bash I Prevail and we can't figure out why.

There's always the: "They're only popular because they got lucky with a cover" arguement. Right, that's why it has over 32 MILLION plays on YouTube and 30 MILLION plays on Spotify. Do you know what that's called? Good fucking marketing. They took the most popular song at the time and covered it. Pop goes punk. Genius. And they did a great job with it.

Or maybe people will say: "They're just another A Day To Remember." Oh, what a shame. There have never been two bands in the history of history that sound like each other. Literally. It's never happened. EVER. 

Anyway, what it boils down to is people jumping on stupid trends (Pokemon GO, "bae," Netflix & chill) and thinking it makes them cool. Sorry that you play in a local scene where everyone hates their hometown and hangs out at the mall on the weekend instead of going to your show. Until your band headlines Warped Tour, sells out shows around the world, and has 60 million+ plays of a song, you can just shut up. 

And in case you haven't noticed, I Prevail truly care about their fans and the safety of their fans at shows. So shut up. Bashing others will get you and your band nowhere.