Venue Review: Brighton Music Hall

Brighton Music Hall
Boston, MA

Located in the busy Allston section of Boston, Brighton Music Hall is a true gem of a venue. 

If you don’t know your way around Boston I’ve got two suggestions: stay out or take public transportation. I’m joking… kind of. Parking around the city is very limited, especially in the winter. When you buy a ticket for a show at Brighton Music Hall they give you the opportunity to buy a pass so you can park in the CVS parking lot across the street; do it. They only offer a limited number of passes ($15/each) per show so be sure to pick up your tickets and pass early. Sometimes you will get lucky and find a pass day-of the show, or the attendant will give you an unused pass that was never claimed. 

There is no shortage of restaurants and bars in the area, making a pre or post-show meal no problem. Directly across the street from the venue is Tavern In The Square, or “TITS” as some call it. Pricey beers and food, but worth going to. To the right of the venue is a small pizza joint where you can get two large slices and a drink for cheap - but the price does not indicate the quality, it’s some damn good pizza. Location: 9 Accessibility: 7

From the outside the venue doesn’t look to be that big, and compared to others, it isn’t.  With a max capacity of 476 some shows tend to sell out quickly, others not so much. However, the last five or six shows I’ve been to at BMH have sold out, and when there is a capacity crowd, it gets cozy. If you’re not into getting knocked around in the pit I’d recommend standing along the wall. Crowd capacity: 8

Unlike the last venue we reviewed, BMH does not have to worry about outdoor acoustics. I’ve attended shows on both ends of the spectrum here. From Imagine Dragons to I Prevail, Hit the Lights, and more, sound has never been an issue. Sound quality: 10

You’ll never have a problem finding something to drink here. With three full bars, Brighton Music Hall has some of the best drink selections in the city (for a venue). Multiple beers on tap, a plethora of whiskey and other hard liquors, and of course cheap standbys like PBR make deciding what you want to drink the hardest decision of the night. My personal favorite is the special they offer of a PBR and shot of Jameson for about $12. Drink offers: 10

The staff and security at Brighton Music Hall are great. Whether we are conducting an interview  or taking pictures behind the barrier they always look out for us. Sometimes they warn us that it will be an “active barrier” and won’t let us up front to take pictures, but that is completely understandable. They have to look out for the safety of everyone at the show. Staff checking tickets and at will-call are always friendly, and those taking tickets are great. They almost always allow you to hang around after a show to meet the bands, and that’s always a thrill for the fans. Staff: 10 Security: 10

Like all venues, the bathrooms can get messy during a show, but that’s really the only problem you’ll run into. BMH takes pride in keeping the venue as clean as possible. Cleanliness: 10

Bands will often tell you that they love to play in Boston. If you’re a cynic you probably just think they’re blowing smoke up your ass, but anyone who has ever been to a show in Boston knows that the crowd is always full of energy before during and after the show. Because of that bands often mark Boston shows on their calendar because of the special atmosphere the fans create, and the city is a stop on nine of ten tours. Expected shows & tours: 10

Living less than an hour north of Boston provides me the opportunity to drive into the city pretty much whenever I want. Driving to shows can be tricky because you’ll often hit rush hour traffic, but once the show is over driving out of the city is no problem. Whether it was the Pure Noise Tour with Can’t Swim, Seaway, and Hit the Lights, a summer tour with I Prevail, or the annual Dropkick Murphy’s show around St. Patrick’s Day, Brighton Music Hall is always a great experience. One of my favorite venues in the state, I’m always excited to see that a show is coming through BMH. Two nice punk shows, Bowling For Soup (April 6th) and As It Is (April 28th) are coming up. We hope to see you there. Overall experience: 10

Total score: 94


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