Less Than Jake Interview

Ska-punk legends Less Than Jake recently put out a new EP titled Sound The Alarm via Pure Noise Records. This seven track EP is the band's first release in 4 years, since their last record, See The Light, which was released in 2013.

We sent some questions out to Less Than Jake frontman Chris DeMakes, find out what he had to say below!

Crowdsurf Central: How has this tour been so far?

LTJ: It has been crazy and insane with tons of energy each night. Good times!

Crowdsurf Central: Trump is president, and a fair amount of people are uneasy or on edge: What would you say to them?

LTJ: Take two but don't call me in the morning.

Crowdsurf Central: The second track on the album, Whatever The Weather, has a really strong message: “No matter the weather, I’ll never waiver,” Where does it come from?

LTJ: It comes from the power that we all harness from within after about 6 or 7 cocktails. 

Crowdsurf Central: What inspired the new material?

LTJ: For the sheer act of creating for creations sake. Basically, we love to write new songs!

Crowdsurf Central: What was the recording process like?

LTJ: Lots of screaming and yelling and an occasional amp blowing up. Other than that it was business as usual.

Crowdsurf Central: How has it been working with Pure Noise?

LTJ: Awesome, we cannot say enough good things about the job you have done so far. They seem to really dig the record too!

Crowdsurf Central: How was it being on Warped Tour 2016?

LTJ: Absolutely amazing, we played our 413th Warped Tour show on that tour. There's not a band that will ever catch up to that. 

Crowdsurf Central: You're slated for 'Warped Rewind at Sea,' what are you looking forward to most?

LTJ: Looking out to a bunch of people watching us play that won't remember that they saw us play. It's gonna be a wild one. 

Crowdsurf Central: How do you guys have fun when you’re not touring?

LTJ: We prepare for the next tour! 

Crowdsurf Central: Who has the most interesting habits?

LTJ: Me. I can fart on command. 

Crowdsurf Central: Does pineapple go on pizza?

LTJ: Only if they're paired with anchovies.

Crowdsurf Central: Who would be your ideal tour partner be?

LTJ: Van Halen w/ Gary Cherone