The Kimberly Steaks

While the Brexit decision is shaking things up across the pond in the UK there is some good news coming from there if you know where to look.  We were lucky enough to have the Kimberly Steaks, a soon-to-be unhidden gem, answer some questions for us.

You may not have heard of these guys but The Kimberly Steaks are a band we should all be paying attention to. These dudes are from Glasgow, Scotland and got their name from their old drummer’s brother, who came up with it when he was eating a packet of steak & onion chips.

They recently toured with Murderburger on the “Cheap Meat Tour” and just got off tour with Don Blake and The Werecats. They play fast, aggressive music which reminds me a little bit of early Green Day and bands like Direct Hit!  When ask their influences they said, “Musically, we’re probably influenced most by Lookout! Records, stuff that we all listened to when we were younger, like Green Day, MTX, The Queers, The Muffs, Sicko etc. There are a lot of great bands in the UK like Wonk Unit, The Murderburgers and Zatopeks who probably have a big influence on the way we play too. Lyrically, the songs are mostly influenced by living in central Scotland and not having a whole lot to do besides eating crisps and drinking beer most of the time!”

When I asked who had the weirdest habit, they responded by saying, “Tam (bassist) loves to buy two different flavored tubes of Pringles and eat one of each at the same time. People think he’s crazy, but he doesn’t seem to mind, and usually just replies ‘I’m in flavour country.’” (To be completely honest I wish I’d thought of that, it doesn’t sound crazy at all.)

My favorite song of theirs is definitely Ticking Over, off their “Chemical Imbalance” album. It’s quick and just makes you want to mosh. You should definitely go check these guys out and download their music, which is risk free to you as it’s name your price over on BandCamp

We here at Crowdsurf Central hope to see a tour from The Kimberly Steaks over here in the US, and we hope everyone enjoys them as much as we do! Unfortunately for us we may have to wait for the US tour but, some there is some good news. “We just put out a new split 7” with Dead Bars from Seattle on All In Vinyl Records from Birmingham,” they told us. “We’ve recorded a few new songs for compilations. We’re currently writing a new album which should be out early next year if all goes according to plan! As for a US tour, we don’t have anything planned at the moment. We all work and study a lot so barely have time to play as much as we’d like in the UK. Maybe someday though, we’d love to sample the service station crisps (or “chips” as you call them) to see how they compare to ours!”

And as for their thoughts on Brexit, they seem pretty disgruntled and disappointed, because it could possibly negatively affect touring and bands over there. Hopefully it doesn’t, and hopefully it provides for some good material! We are looking forward to seeing what they do next!