Storm The Sky To Release Sophomore Album 'Sin Will Find You' on August 5th

Australian band Storm The Sky are set to release their sophomore album 'Sin Will Find You' this Friday, August 5th. Following up their debut album 'Permanence' and a self-titled EP, Storm The Sky recorded 'Sin Will Find You' in their hometown. We talked with vocalist William Jarratt about the new album and upcoming tour.

Crowdsurf Central: Where was the album recorded?

William Jarratt: We decided to record, 'Sin Will Find You', at home in Melbourne rather than going back overseas again. We were a little bit rushed tracking, 'Permanence', so we really wanted to give ourselves as much time as possible to really nail this one. 

CSC: What was the writing/recording process like?

WJ: Going into the studio with a producer like Sam K is extremely intense. We were trying a new way of writing... Usually we would write the song almost until completion on a computer, sending it round to each other and adding parts bit by bit until we can play it in a practice space. We found that doing it that way was taking away pretty much all the opportunity to really create without boundaries. So Sam got us to write everything by jamming. I came into a practice room with about 30 acapella voice recordings and six days a week for a month, we turned them into what became this album. I really feel it wouldn't have been half of what it is without that process.

CSC: What is the concept behind "Sin Will Find You?"

WJ: Sin Will Find You is about re-evaluating the moral paradigms in which we view the world through our own collective experience. A new understanding of the concept of 'Sin', not according to the rules we were handed by previous generations but through inter-personal experience. Where once subjects of sexuality, drug-use and mental health were taboo to our society they are becoming increasingly understood and accepted. We all feel pain and we all seek comfort in some way, be it in a friend, in a song, a substance or the arms of another. The record is a musical reflection of my life over the past two years in it's most brutally honest form. The listener will hear things about me that I've never told anyone and that's extremely scary for me but necessary for me to move on emotionally.

CSC: What's it like working with Rise in the US?

WJ: Rise is such an amazing label. They always seem to get it right with the bands they add to their roster. I've always loved the fact that they'll give more artistic acts a chance as well. We haven't been able to work with them a whole lot as we haven't made the jump over to the states just yet (we will be there soon I promise) but what they have been able to do for us has been incredible. They're super easy to work with and keep their bands artistic vision above everything else. That's something both UNFD and them do that we appreciate dearly.

CSC: What are you looking forward to most while touring with PTV?

WJ: When we started playing shows years ago we talked about how crazy it would be touring with PTV so it's literally a dream come true as cliche as that is haha. I'm mainly looking forward to see what I can learn from a band that successful. I always try to take as much away from every band that we work with and I feel like they will have a lot of knowledge to offer and to see Bulls in the Bronx live again!