Punk Isn't Dead

There is a lot of new punk rock coming out right now.  Sum 41, Green Day, Chunk! No Captain Chunk! to Against Me! and The Interrupters. For a genre that was supposed to be dead according to SLC Punk 2, we are seeing  lot of new material from bands who have been around for a while. This is good for fans, and for the bands, but what does it say for the state of America? Is punk going take over like the late 90’s and early 2000’s? Or is the current state of America being trumped (ha!) with fear so our heroes are coming out with material to remind us that it’s not so bad? 

Regardless the reason, the music we all secretly love is creeping back into the mainstream, knocking rappers like Drake from the top of the charts. It’s a good time to be a punk fan because the music brings people together, it touts itself as the genre that doesn't give a fuck who you are, what color your skin is, or what religion you choose to follow. Truth be told, the world could use a lot more unity, especially the United States.

We have a lot of questions, but at least we’ll have fresh new music to listen to (even if some of us aren’t too fond of the new material from Good Charlotte and Blink 182) to keep us from losing it until we have those answers. If you need to lose it and unwind, go to a show! Even if it’s just a local show.  There are a lot of opportunities coming up in the next few months. Blink 182, Sum 41, Less than Jake, Against Me!, The Interrupters, Roam, State Champs, Broadside, Like Pacific, and the supergroup Prophets of Rage are all touring this fall. Rumors of a Green Day tour are also floating around so keep your fingers crossed.  Your wallet and your ears may hurt but we would say it’s worth it.

 Make sure to look for exclusives and interviews from Crowdsurf Central. Until next time, listen to punk rock and mosh on.