If you follow the New England pop-punk scene there is a good chance you have heard of The Banner Year. They have spent the better part of the last two years playing all over the region and even took part in South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.  

Over the weekend the band posted some cryptic messages leaving fans and friends wondering what could be next from them. Just last night they posted the above header photo. Managing to keep all of their faces just outside of the light.  To finally shed some light on what is happening with TBY we were able to get them to share whats going on with us at Crowdsurf Central.

"As most of you know who have seen us play this past month and a half, Dylan has been filling in on vocals while our friend Wayne from As Time Goes filled in on lead guitar for our mini tour with Windwalkers and other dates," bassist Will Hesketh told us. "We ended up finding a full time vocalist and just as we were in that process Jay our drummer told us he needed to step down. Jay has been given an insane opportunity with his other band and we could never ask him to turn that down. He has done so much for this band and gone above and beyond; we can't thank him enough. With that being said we are happy to announce Billy Rice on the drums (Dear Father & The Waking Life)." 

So what about the vocalist? If you are a long time fan of the band then you are in for a surprise. The band also announced they have brought back founding member Phil Boyce. The Banner Year also announced that they will be recording a new EP in the coming weeks and hope to have it out this winter. To keep you tied over for now? Here are a few clips from last night including "Baby This Ain't a Fairytale" and an upcoming song from the new EP "Good With A Gun." Make sure to "like" them on Facebook for future updates!

"Baby This Ain't a Fairytale"

"Good With a Gun"