Chasing Down Sunset

Chasing Down Sunset, a young upstart band from New Jersey, is ready to take on the music world. 

June 2015 saw the band, consisting of Jill Beckett (guitar/vox), Dan McCool (drums), and Zion Dixon (guitar) release their debut EP "And A Step Forward." Chasing Down Sunset sold over 200 copies of the EP and cemented the band as a new face in the scene that should not be taken lightly.  You can listen to the album on their bandcamp page here

The band added Jimmy Fasulo on vocals and Ryan Ross on bass and now feel they are finally ready to move forward and are planning on releasing their sophomore album "A Proper Introduction" this July. 

Produced by Rob Chiarappa of The Stolen, "A Proper Introduction" took longer than expected. "We originally had plans to release a split with another band in late 2015 and planned to re-release Dear You, and release Copper Pulse," the band told us. "Once Jimmy joined, we ended up creating “Words/Phrases," the first song on API, which took about two months to finish writing the entire song since it was such a collaborative song between all five of us." Rob later sat down with the quintet in late January and came up with a plan to release their second EP this summer, along with a music video and 10-day tour.

"Noisy Cricket Studios, Rob Chiarappa’s home studio, is where all of our recording memories of Chasing Down Sunset have happened," we were told. "We’ve been recording here for as long as we have been a band and cannot be happier." The band continued to say, "Rob has done so much for us as a band and has helped us grow and developed and has believed in us since our first show we played at Brighton Bar when we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. He’s such an awesome person to work with as your producer because he’s so open to any idea you have and will always help us with new ideas for certain parts, and most importantly he never judges anyone or gets annoyed with anyone no matter how many times you can’t get something or keep messing a simple part up or don’t understand something. You will never feel uncomfortable or judged going to Rob for recording and he’s just such an awesome person to work with, and has such a ridiculous amount of talent with the greatest personality you can come across. We’re so thankful we have such an awesome producer."

The band is planning a short tour that includes stops in Poughkeepsie and Syracuse, NY, Columbus, OH, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Strudsburg, PA, Long Island, and a homeshow in New Jersey.