Silver Snakes Interview

We had the chance to briefly talk with Alex Estrada of Silver Snakes about their current tour with letlive., music, and upcoming tour with Korn and Breaking Benjamin.

Crowdsurf Central: what has it been like playing with letlive.?

Alex Estrada: The tour has been great. Such a great crowd to be around each day. Every band brings their own sound and energy to the table. It's a great balance. 

CSC: You had said you love to play 'La Dominadora' live because of the tension that develops in such a short time. How do you develop that power?

AE: It starts with the song writing. I try to write specifically to develop that tension and those hypnotic qualities in the music. 

CSC: How have fans been reacting to Saboteur?

AE: Saboteur has opened us up to new crowds. The reaction from press and fans alive has been very positive. We pushed ourselves to do something different with this record and it's great to see that it's paying off. 

CSC: What has it been like playing Rock On The Range, Chicago Open Air Festival, Northern Invasion, and with other large touring bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Coheed?

AE: The festivals have been incredible. It's a whole different ballgame. We are the newcomers on those so in most cases we play pretty early in the day. People are standing in the hot sun hoping that the new band in front of them will deliver. It really pushes us to go above and beyond. 

CSC: You'll be touring with Korn and Breaking Benjamin in September, what are you looking forward to most?

AE: The large crowds. I personally love playing to an ocean of new people each night. 

CSC: What's next for the band?

AE: This year has been a busy one for us. After the Korn tour I want to start working on new material. Our last few albums were written and recorded in fairly short periods. I want the next process to be far more drawn out. 

Photo Credit: Nicole Mago

Photo Credit: Nicole Mago