Crowdsurf Central Presents: Turnover

“Carelessly you pass the hours Humming songs you heard when you were young.”
“Humming” by Turnover

Turnover, who you may have seen playing on tour with The Story So Far, Citizen, New Found Glory, I Am the Avalanche, or Fireworks over the past few years, did not get where they are now overnight. The song exhibited above is a perfect example of the bright and friendly indie rock that flourishes on their 2015  release ‘Peripheral Vision’. The name of the album perfectly represents the new direction with their history as a band still in sight. Since starting in 2009, the band has released two full-length albums and a slew of EPs both on Run for Cover Records and Broken Rim Records. Similar to that of other bands in their genre, Turnover started out as a young band playing pop-punk songs and gradually transitioned to becoming an indie-rock group; emphasis on the gradually. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a band experimenting with new ideas and branching out their sound, it seems to be an easy trend of pop-punk/emo bands of the current times to abandon their punk rock roots and become a groovy indie rock/shoegaze band. Contrary to this current trend, Turnover had their familiar yet unique sound lingering in the background of all of their work leading up to their recent releases on Run for Cover Records.  Since 2013, Turnover has released two full-length albums and an EP on Run For Cover. ‘Peripheral Vision’ is their most recent full-length being from 2015, and since then they have put out an EP titled ‘Humblest Pleasures’. 

I originally saw Turnover open for pop-punk group Major League (RIP) in 2012 at the Webster Theater in Hartford, Connecticut. At the time, the band had just faced a serious setback - which I honestly cannot remember other than members of the band being injured - which caused the band to perform only with the lead singer and his guitar. As opposed to cancelling their spot on the tour, the decision was made that “the show must go on”. It is these types of ethics that run through deep within the history of punk rock bands which stood out to me at the time and still do today. Turnover may come off as a dime-a-dozen band with their indie rock sound, but they are far from that. I highly recommend giving them a listen. 

Listen to:

  • New Scream
  • Cutting My Fingers Off
  • Hello Euphoria
  • Humming

All of the following tracks come from their album ‘Peripheral Vision’. You can also listen to and watch the band perform these tracks on an AudioTree live session on YouTube, iTunes, or Spotify.