The Split Seconds: DC Punk

When you think of Washington, D.C. images of The White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial pop into your head. Before the Civil War, DC encompassed land in both Maryland and Virginia, but when the south split and formed the Confederacy, the nation's capital was split and the Potomac River was the newly formed southern border creating the DC we know today. 

Government buildings, senators, congressmen and a plethora of other political jargon make our nation's capital a perfect place for the budding young professional. "DC isn't a great town for bands to get a foothold," members of The Split Seconds told us.  "Because of the career focus of the people, the high prices, and the transient population, it seems like a cohesive scene never seems to gel. We’ve found it pretty easy to stick out.  But still hard to get anybody to care that you’re sticking out." 

Inspired by classic punk rockers like The Clash, Generation X, The Buzzcocks, and The Damned, The Split Seconds transport us back to a time long gone with their fuzzy guitar sounds and warm harmonies. 

The album was tracked at Lady of Noise studio with Jason Hiner.  "The studio has a lot of old-school gear and a tape machine," we were told, "And Jason was really compatible with us.  I was really adamant about having a raw, brash sound rather than the overprocessed sound of a lot of newer pop punk records," the band continued. "Jason was right there with [us]. We went back and listened to The Damned and Buzzcocks and Stiff Little Fingers records and figured out how to capture that raw vibe, while still making the record sound good." And what a job they did. When we first listened to the album we had to double check that it was in fact written in 2016; the 1970's punk sound comes through loud and clear.

The Split Seconds will be releasing their self-titled album on July 8 and tell us they have some great shows coming up. "We'll be playing Fort Reno" they told us, "Which is a free concert series in DC and it's a dream come true." The band also plans on releasing two more videos for the album and have some more music in the works.