We had the to briefly talk with Thrice about their new album To Be Everywhere is To Be Nowhere and tour with La Dispute and Gates.

The album debuted with much anticipation as it was the first in four years from the California-based group. "As someone who considers himself a Thrice fan," our review of the album reads, "I never loved anything after Vheissu. I enjoyed listening to all of their work and hearing them grow and progress a musicians, but some of it was just not doing it for me."  Still, though, the album received a four-star review from our panel.

The album was recorded at Palmquist Studios at Infrasonic in Alhambra, CA. When asked about the writing and recording process the band said it was "Exciting because we were doing it for the first time in five years, challenging because of geography and time constraints, creatively fulfilling because nothing quite feels as good as making music with these guys, and experimental in that we entered the studio with song ideas that were fairly flexible, which gave us an excuse to take chance with tones, arrangements, song structures, etc."

Though there is no particular message the band is trying to send with their album, they told us that the lyrics deal with "a variety of topics ranging from love, to greed, to fear, to foreign and domestic policy, to communication." Quite the impressive range if you ask us.

Thrice says the tour has been great so far. "We've had some incredible sets," they told us. "The set feels like it’s flowing well, La Dispute and Gates are outstanding musicians and friends, and everyone is happy and healthy. We really couldn’t ask for anything more." Fans have been responding well to the album and the band says they are beyond grateful for that.