Waiting On Cool

Heyrocco, an alternative rock band from South Carolina recently released their new EP "Waiting On Cool" via Dine Alone Records and everyone here at Crowdsurf loved it. Produced by Brendan Benson of The Ranconteurs this guitar driven album reminds us all of a band we can't quite place. While sounding familiar and bringing us back to a different musical era, the album also feels modern giving it a unique sound that you'll want to check out. We had the chance to talk with Nate Merli and get an inside look at how "Waiting On Cool" was created.

"The album was recorded in three different places," Nate told us. "Starting with Venice Beach being written with Admiral Collier at The Godfather Pete G's house circa March 2015," he joked, "Months later YeahAlways Something New, and Build It Up were recorded in Nashville with Brendan Benson on Division Street whilst wearing cowboy hats. From there we came home to Charleston, tracked Perfect World and Slice of Life with Wolfgang Zimmerman, had him doctor the whole thing up and ... Boom, sucka - dropped."

When talking about the recording process Nate told us it was, "No different that any other. Some of it was very tedious, some of it just happened just like that," he said snapping his fingers.  "Venice Beach took a while to finish. Slice of Life took the longest to write as it took me a while to figure out what I needed to say to this one girl. I still think the song needs a good bridge, but that's just me."

Heyrocco has an LP titled "Teenage Movie Soundtrack" which they released in June of 2015 which you definitely go check out.

Catch them on tour in a city near you this summer.

Heyrocco Tour Dates:

  • 6/3 Cubby Bear – Chicago, IL
  • 6/9 Pour House – Charleston, SC
  • 6/16 Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA
  • 6/30 – Tidballs – Bowling Green, KY
  • 7/2 HiWatt – Nashville, TN
  • 7/27 Mercury Lounge - NYC 
  • 7/29 Alphaville – Brooklyn, NY 
  • 7/30 Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA