Pure Noise Tour 2016 - Boston

Written By: Shelby Whitehouse

This past Sunday (May 15th, 2016) I had the pleasure of shooting interviews and photos with Hit the Lights, Seaway, Can't Swim, and Casey Bolles. We started the night off working things out with bands, who were really gracious fitting us into our schedules. All three of our interviews were fun as can be, and we learned a lot of really cool things about each artist and band. Now, my department is just to film these interviews, so my participation was limited. However, once we were done, it was one to my department: shooting the show. 

We opened the evening with Casey Bolles who put on a quirky, spurratic, but very well composed show that was a pleasure to photograph. Though we weren't able to schedule an interview with Casey, we were still excited. The music filled the venue well for being a young, solo artist. Casey had a good stage presence that was easy to work off of, and I'd definitely enjoy working on one of his shows again.

Next up we had Can't Swim, and these guys blew me away. As a concert goer who has seen Can't Swim a couple times, I must say that this date was their best performance I've seen by far. They had so much fun energy to play off of while taking photos. Their stage presence as a band has improved 2000x over, and I can't wait to work with them again. Also, on a side note; these guys are a riot to hang out with. Their interview was so much fun to film, and they were so gracious even when we had minor difficulties. Super nice guys!

Then it was time for Seaway. I'd seen Seaway a few times before, but WHOA. These guys have tightened their sound, and if you've been sitting back on them, SIT UP NOW. Their stage presence was that of a headlining band, and the fervor you felt while they performed was fantastic. Some of my favorite shots of the night came from Seaway's set. Again, I'd love to work with them sometime soon also. We interviewed members of Seaway after their much beloved basketball game, and though it wasn't easy they were troopers. 

Lastly, of course we had Hit the Lights. We had a chance to sit down and interview frontman Nick before the show, and it was hilarious. What a fun interview, and the few minutes of time to just hang out after was even better. Once their set started that night, I was ready to go. I was exhausted. They came on, and instantly their set filled the whole Brighton Music Hall with electricity. I was dancing while shooting, wide awake, and feeling like it was 2008 again. The stage presence and Hit the Lights ability to play to their fans AND a camera was amazing. We had the best time. OF COURSE, I'd love to shoot for these guys, anytime.

Overall, the Boston stop of the Pure Noise Tour was fantastic. All of the people we met and spent time with were truly great, and I'm so excited to share the material we got with you all! So, go check out the interviews! Look below for a small sampling of photos, and find the rest under "photos" on our page! Feel free to share them around! Thanks, all.