Beneath the Spin Light

Beneath the Spin Light is a pop punk band from Camano Island, Washington, just north of Seattle. Consisting of Sullivan Burkart (Vocals), Kalevi Burkhart (Drums), Kyle Spooner (Guitar), and Gus Winecoff (Bass), BTSL has been announced as a special guest on the upcoming “Emo Is Back Tour” featuring Best Kept Secret, An Honest Year, Take a Break, and This Is All Now, along with other special guests. They will be on tour May 9 – 15.

How did the band form?

  • We started out as a two piece acoustic project in our basement and it just started to branch out when my brother joined and we started playing shows, that's where we eventually met the guitarist and bassist that play in the band now.

How does it feel to be involved with this tour?

  • We are stoked to be a part of the tour; it's going to be a great time! All the bands on it are awesome and we're honored to share the stage with them.

Who are some of the bands that inspired you as a kid?

  • All Time Low, Blink 182, Goldfinger, Billy Talent, Strike Anywhere, and Paramore.

When did you begin playing?

  • We started the band in 2013 but we all started playing instruments by age ten.

What national acts have you shared the stage with?

  • Set it Off, Against the Current, Ghost Town, Palisades, The Misfits, Chunk! No Captain Chunk! , Hit the Lights.

How was your summer tour? Which show was most memorable?

  • Our summer tour was a lot of fun! It was last minute but it was worth it. San Francisco was definitely the most memorable due to the fact that we got our van broken into.

What was it like playing on the Ernie Ball Stage at Warped?

  • It was the BEST and WORST feeling ever because we knew we were only playing one date.

What's your favorite pizza topping?

  • Pepperoni.