Behind Deadlines Debut New Album 'Status Quo'

The deadline is here, and the product rocks

Behind Deadlines have just dropped their new album 'Status Quo' and it’s honestly anything but. This album is rocking from start to finish. We were lucky enough to chat with them, and hear what they had to say about their new album, politics, and the future of Ska.

Crowdsurf Central: What inspired the album?

Behind Deadlines: This album is the best-of tracks from a two year songwriting process between a bunch of ska-punk veterans. We've listened to all sorts of mediocre ska recordings. Some of us have even played on a few. It's a disservice to a genre that we feel deserves better. So, in the same way Blink 182 looked through their old catalog and stitched the best bits together to a complete retrospective for California, we looked into our mental archive of great punk and ska albums and went about pulling together songs that could stand alongside them. The goal is for this album to be something that old and new punk and ska fans alike can really enjoy.

CSC: What are your views on the election?

BDL: A lot of people in the punk and ska community seem pretty bummed out. We're not political experts, but we're doing what we can to contribute some fun energy to help blow away that funk. This music has always been about unity, and we welcome people of any race, nationality, gender, or political view to come out to shows and party with us. Ska works best when everyone's having a good time.

CSC: What do you think of the Ska scene now?

BDL: Depends on where you look. The US seems to be hitting a period without any alternative music, ska or otherwise, and we're seeing it at shows for sure. Our generation's growing up and we don't see enough youth coming in to take our place. Venues are sticking to 21-and-up shows and taking a quantity-over-quality approach with bands in a desperate effort to get people and money through the door each night, and even with all of that they're failing and closing down. It's definitely rough. But if you look to Latin America and Europe and Asia, there's a lot of amazing stuff happening. The 2016 Pepsi Ska Fest in Mexico City brought The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Save Ferris, Reel Big Fish, and Less Than Jake together with a lot of amazing Spanish-speaking acts that the ska community here would love. Ska bands are playing arenas and fairgrounds in Germany and Japan. We've just got to rethink our approach in the states, and there's definitely hope for that. Blink 182, Sum 41, Fenix TX, and Save Ferris comeback tours in 2016 are a good sign. An even better one is the upcoming 2017 Nova International Ska Fest in Virginia. We sincerely hope to see an insane crowd there.

CSC: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

BDL: As a band, I think we're going to have to say "drinking," and we've really found ways to incorporate it into all holidays great and small. But of course everyone loves the gift of giving, and with our album being a name-your-own-price download on Bandcamp, you could really make someone's holiday special on a budget this year. And that's how you sneak a plug into the answer to a very innocent interview question. (Do that here.)

CSC: Anything you want to say about the album? 

BDL: It's the next great ska album. Download it or buy a copy, and don't be afraid to play it for friends. If you're reading this and think we're full of crap and our music sucks, download it anyway. You don't have to pay anything, and if you'll have the satisfaction of knowing if you're right or not.’

Honestly, this band is the best thing to hit the Ska scene since Reel Big Fish and Suburban Legends. Go get the album, seriously, just do it. My favorite track off the album (lots of tough choices here) is  going to be “Sink or Swim”, it’s catchy and a lot of fun but also has a great message. I really struggled to pick a favorite here, and the whole album is 5/5 if you ask me I didn’t have any issues to complain about, and I’m pretty good at finding something to bitch about.

If you live out west you’re in luck, these guys will be there for a few shows, go see them if you can.

  • 12/8 – San Diego, CA – Till Two Club
  • 12/9 – Anaheim, CA a – Out of the Park Pizz
  • 12/10 – Tijuana, MX – Mods Bar & Venue