beneath the spin light

Beneath the Spin Light is a pop punk band from Camano Island, Washington, just north of Seattle. Consisting of Sullivan Burkart (Vocals), Kalevi Burkhart (Drums), Kyle Spooner (Guitar), and Gus Winecoff (Bass), BTSL has been announced as a special guest on the upcoming “Emo Is Back Tour” featuring Best Kept Secret, An Honest Year, Take a Break, and This Is All Now, along with other special guests. They will be on tour May 9 – 15.

How did the band form?

  • We started out as a two piece acoustic project in our basement and it just started to branch out when my brother joined and we started playing shows, that's where we eventually met the guitarist and bassist that play in the band now.

How does it feel to be involved with this tour?

  • We are stoked to be a part of the tour; it's going to be a great time! All the bands on it are awesome and we're honored to share the stage with them.

Who are some of the bands that inspired you as a kid?

  • All Time Low, Blink 182, Goldfinger, Billy Talent, Strike Anywhere, and Paramore.

When did you begin playing?

  • We started the band in 2013 but we all started playing instruments by age ten.

What national acts have you shared the stage with?

  • Set it Off, Against the Current, Ghost Town, Palisades, The Misfits, Chunk! No Captain Chunk! , Hit the Lights.

How was your summer tour? Which show was most memorable?

  • Our summer tour was a lot of fun! It was last minute but it was worth it. San Francisco was definitely the most memorable due to the fact that we got our van broken into.

What was it like playing on the Ernie Ball Stage at Warped?

  • It was the BEST and WORST feeling ever because we knew we were only playing one date.

What's your favorite pizza topping?

  • Pepperoni. 

Best kept secret

  • Best Kept Secret is an Emo-Alternative band based out of North Hollywood, California and is made up of Matt Skajem (Vocals), Brady Szuhaj (Bass), Benji Bryan (Guitar), and Jon Lundin (Drums).  We had the chance to talk with frontman Matt Skajem about his band, life in Los Angeles, and their upcoming tour, the “Emo Is Back Tour” featuring Best Kept Secret, An Honest Year, Take a Breath, and This is All Now, with special guests Kick Box, We Are Forever, Beneath the Spin Light, and RVLS. Dates haven’t been released yet, but you can expect the tour to stop in Boston sometime in May.
  • How was the band formed? 
  • We started in August 2015 and came together when my old band Out with the Old, and Brady's old band Late Nite Reading ended. Brady had just moved to California and was starting a new band with Benji who had just left his old band, Rezanova, they brought me in, and then I brought our drummer Jon who was the last drummer for my former band. We all came together after going through really similar situations so it all worked out
  • Who are some of your musical inspirations?
  • We take influence from a lot of different music ranging from Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, A Rocket To The Moon, and From First To Last, all the way to artists like G-Eazy, The 1975, and The Weekend. It's a unique bunch of influences which leads to our non-traditional sound
  • Have you been on a national tour before?
  • We went out on a US run with our good friends An Honest Year in November and that was our first experience playing shows together. We hit every region but missed a lot of markets, luckily on this next run we're hitting just about everywhere
  • Which cities are you looking forward to most?
  • Chicago is always insane, I'm excited to play in our hometown in Southern California for the first time on this run, and really can't wait to meet everyone that we didn't get to see last time. It's hard to pick a specific city to be most excited about because every market is insane in its own way
  • LA is a really huge market - how do you make your band stand out?
  • Well we're finally going to be playing a hometown show on the EIB tour so I can't wait to see how people react to our show, we try to mix the angsty in your face attitude you find at a punk show and mix it with the dance/party vibe you find in the EDM scene. We're adapting that vibe for this tour and I can't wait for people to see what we have in store.
  • Your music video has over 275k views - what's general response to it been like?
  • So far it's been amazing.
  • Where can your music be found?
  • We're in the studio working on our debut record right now so all we have released are a few demos from the album, but so far everyone seems to like the vibe we're giving off. It's going to be interesting to see how people react to the record because the songs we've released don't necessarily match the tone of the rest of the album, it's going to be gnarly. We're hoping to have the album out in late spring so when we drop that it'll be available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital outlets
  • What your go-to food in LA?
  • Sushi. Always. Where is the best place to get it? I just tried this all you can eat sushi place called Dragon Street that was popping, definitely would recommend that place

Behind Deadlines

Behind Deadlines is a Ska-Punk band from Philly which consists of Zach (Vox/Guitar), Gee (Drums), Mike (Bass), Skylar (Trombone), and Chris (Sax). The band is working on an EP and will head out on tour in Brazil this March. 

The new EP is coming out, where is the inspiration coming from? What’s the response to it been like?

  • What’s the response to it been like? We’ve got a bunch of new songs that we’re in various stages of putting out, and I’d say that they’re all at some level of being adventurous and different. Most of the band was raised with ska, but it’s been interesting incorporating some ideas from those of us who aren’t and bringing in some of the influences we’ve gotten into as adults. Nobody likes it when bands “mature” and get too far up their own asses, and I wouldn’t use that word for us, but you might hear a few songs that aren’t all offbeats. It’s still all about fun, though, and I wouldn’t shy away from calling us a ska band. I don’t think any of our songs would be out of place at a good party.

You’re playing in Canada and Brazil - have you toured Brazil before? Are there any plans for a U.S. Tour?

  • Plans? We're making this up as we go along! No, most of us have never even been to Brazil before, except our drummer, who was born there. We're pretty stoked to go. As for the US, if the question is if we'd like to get picked up on a countrywide tour by a band we really love, the answer is yes. But the sad truth is that an independent US tour might be both expensive and disappointing, even for bands that play genres of music people don't hate as much. We've got some dedicated music fans in this country, but not nearly as many as we've seen outside the states. For whatever reason, it seems like music is thriving around the world, but seems to be withering a bit here, unless your instrument is the turntable. I'm sure everyone has a theory on who to blame for that, but I guess the main point is that we'll play wherever people want to book us, as long as it's financially feasible. We live here in the states There's good people and food all over this planet, and that's a good enough reason to at least try and see everything.

You had mentioned you will be filming a music video while on tour in Brazil. Will it be throughout the tour or during a specific show?

  • We chose to shoot a music video for one of the new songs that will be on the new EP coming out soon in Florianopolis, which is the capital of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil, where we are also playing our first show. The city is comprised of 42 beaches and we thought it would be the perfect place for a perfect positive song. We should arrive a couple days before our first show there so we have enough time to start working on the video.

How did you get started in ska?

  • Gee: I was born and raised in a tropical country where the traditional Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae were huge. So I grew up listening to it a lot. I remember hearing Operation Ivy for the first time and thinking how awesome it was, a band that managed to put together both of my favorite styles (Punk Rock & Ska). Then i heard Slapstick, a band formed by Dan Adriano (Alkaline Trio) and Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms) which had a horn section and that was officially when my obsession and love for Ska Punk started. 

  • Skylar: First ska or punk show I ever went to was Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, and Anti-Flag in DC. It was and still is one of the coolest experiences of my life. My first band, Oskama Bin Laden and the Jihad Jammers, formed a couple of months later, and basically got me addicted to shows.

  • Bruno: I grew up listening to punk music and then eventually found my way to all of the popular ska punk bands from the 90s. The horns added something special to the three or four piece punk sound I knew. I never imagined I'd join a ska band, mostly because I didn't know any horn players. That all changed when a drummer named Paul asked me to join a band with some of his friends. That was how I met Skylar. After a few bands that never really gained traction, Behind Deadlines was formed.

  • Zach: Somewhere in the late 90s / early 2000s, I was dragged out of the suburbs of South Jersey and into an old Philadelphia landmark burlesque theatre converted into a live music venue called The Trocadero where my friends and I stumbled upon a bunch of happy people of All Ages jumpin' and dancin' around underneath a giant Floating Eye of Death while regular guys just as nerdy as myself shared the stage with uniformed superheroes to shuffle between 'on the spot' jokes and banter amidst an amalgamation of super fast pop punk intertwined with bouncy clean upbeat "ska"(they were calling it) complete with catchy choruses and fully orchestrated horn sections who were having just as much fun blasting brass on stage as I was having crowdsurfing and kicking my legs around faster than I even knew possible. The message was clear, "Fun! Have It." And try to have a sense of humor while you're at it. Turns out that first show still remains my favorite show of all time, The Hippos debuting Heads are Gonna Roll touring with The Aquabats releasing The Floating Eye of Death. From that point there were years of idolizing the South Jersey local ska punk band The Berserk Postal Clerks, upperclassmen who I passed in the hallways, until they graduated and some friends and I decided to try our own hand at this 'Ska Punk'.

  • Chris: I walked downstairs and my roommate was playing with his band. I told them I play sax, but that I sucked. They were warned.

What bands do you listen to while driving around?

  • We don’t really listen to anything specific while driving. We tend to listen to the spotify or Pandora radio a lot. We like discovering new bands and that’s the best way to go.

Do you have any favorite local artists from Philly?

  • Gee: Even though the music scene around Philly is not the best one in terms of local support (which is probably the reason why bands here work harder), we have many successful bands out there, that are actively touring and putting awesome albums out. I could name a few from here that I listen to on my daily basis, most of them are pop punk bands like Modern Baseball, The Wonder Years, The Menzingers, Beach Slang , and some that are not fully active anymore like The Loved Ones, etc.

  • Skylar: I grew up in DC, but I was still listening to Atom and His Package and The Dead Milkmen all through my young punk phase. I’m still really into that weird dorky offshoot of punk rock. Which I guess kind of defines modern ska? I’ve filled in with a bunch of the ska bands in this city as well. They’ve all been fantastic.

  • Bruno: I have to echo Gee's thoughts on the Wonder Years. I've had their new album on repeat for months now.

  • Zach: Our old band “Hashtag Yoloswag. Which was basically “Bro and Arrow. ha. Skylar's old band “Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause was really the solid punk ska staple here for the local scene in Philadelphia for years following the reign of Ruder Than You whose more traditional 2-Tone and Reggae-Rub-a-Dub ruled with an iron fist for decades. My own old band On Display did some time in the scene as well. Many phenomenal local bands were from the very close surrounding areas in NJ and PA such as my favorites Case of the Mondays (NJ) and The Waffle Stompers (NJ) who are worth finding on Spotify at the least. One band that has survived it all and you may have heard of is The Snails (PA) who are still kickin' up dust touring around with the infamous Slackers (NYC). And while The Snails hold down PA with other more traditional acts The West Kensingtons and Rock$teady, NJ has its own current lineup of ska rockers from the super technical No Such Noise to the super energetic Backyard Superheroes. If there's any band I wish was from Philly it would be Everything Ever from up in NYC which is still local tristate, but I wish they lived nextdoor. Great guys still pushing the limits of Pop Punk with a dash of Say Anything poetic attitude. Be on the lookout for them!

  • Chris: Gregory Alan Isakov.

 What’s the local scene like in Philly? What are some of the best places to play?

  • To be honest, it’s in a bit of a lull. A bunch of well-liked venues recently closed down, which was sad, but also kind a nice slap in the face for a city that needs to get out to shows again the way we used to. There’s still a bunch of great spots like The Trocadero (a former Burlesque club), World Café Live (an NPR studio with two big stages), and The Barbary (hipster club turned into a giant punk venue on it’s off nights), and there’s a bunch of other places that are good if you’re over 21. Ultimately, what this city needs is some more youth getting out to shows, but it’s tough when they aren’t even allowed in to most of them. We’re working on it.

Best place to get a cheesesteak is …?

  • Oh god, so many heated arguments around this question. We have researched a bit and found that most people’s answers revolve around either the first place they lived in the city or the first cheesesteak they ever had. The one thing I can say for sure is that Philadelphia is the best place to get a Philly cheesesteak. Don’t assume the one you had in Ohio or California was the way they’re done. It’s gross greasy food, but it’s a gross greasy food that nobody else can do the way this city can.

From States Away

From States Away are a pop punk band from the Tri-State (NY, NJ, CT) area who won a spot on the Ernie Ball Stage at the Hartford stop of Vans Warped Tour last summer. Consisting of Chris Lauletti (vocals), Scott Gunter (Guitar), Bennett Pisaniello (Guitar), Brendan Beebe (Bass), and Salvatore Salemme (Drums) the band packs a strong stage presence and pop punk vibe into their performances.  Coming from three different states is actually how the band came up with their name, and it really fits. 

Which artist has been most inspiring to you?

  • BENNETT: Growing up, Blink-182 was by far my biggest inspiration. They created my passion for music, and gave me the drive to become obsessed with the guitar. Nowadays, my heart belongs to Bayside. Brendan and I probably haven’t missed a Bayside show in NYC in over 5 years.
  • BRENDAN: Bayside because of their amazing songs, persistence and longevity as a band, and the humility theyhave. Since 2005 I have been following them and they have never let me down.
  • SAL: Early All Time Low changed my life but lately I've been inspired by The Wonder Years,Deep, and State Champs as far as my drumming taste is concerned.
  • CHRIS: Parker Cannon because he taught me I could be rhythmic and aggressive. Kayne West because he taught me to be fearless.
  • SCOTT: Lately The Wonder Years, previously Brand New

What do you wish to inspire in others?

  • BENNETT: All I hope for is for someone to listen to my music and relate to the songs in some way. Music has done so much for me, and hearing that one of our songs helped someone out in some way is always the greatest feeling I could have.
  • BRENDAN: To make music that you love, no matter what genre it is, just to do it with everything you got, andplay and sing every note like it's the last song you will ever sing.
  • SAL: As I get older I feel like everyone else is doing what society tells them is the right thing to do. I wantpeople to realize that sometimes what the masses are suggesting, may not necessarily be the best thing for them personally. So I would like to inspire people to stay true to themselves, and do more of what makes them happy. Not what the media or their parents or their friends are telling them will make them happy.
  • CHRIS: I want to inspire people to be comfortable in their own skin and be proud of themselves.
  • SCOTT: A positive culture at our shows with freedom to be whoever you want in the 30+ minutes we spend on stage.

What song is your guilty pleasure?

  • BENNETT: Anything from Ed Sheeran! That guy writes some great songs.
  • BRENDAN: Any song with Ja Rule and J-Lo together.
  • SAL: I would say Taylor Swift, but that's not guilty. Taylor Allison Swift is my soulmate. But there are few One Direction songs I really dig.
  • CHRIS: Leave by JoJo 
  • SCOTT: Taylor Swift - T-rouble

How was your Vans Warped Tour experience?

  • BENNETT: It was incredible. I’ve had the opportunity to play Warped Tour before in my previous band, and it was a mess! We were just so young and inexperienced. So this time around, we really had a grip on how to handle things and manage Warped Tour in the best possible way.
  • BRENDAN: Unreal. 2005 was the first warped tour I attended and 2015 I took my brother to his first warped tour and got to play with my friends. It was a dream come true. A lot has changed at warped tour. Just thankful for a few bands there that kept it real.
  • SAL: This  time around we were much more prepared and experienced when playing Warped Tour so itwas much more of an enjoyable experience than an exciting one. Last time it was a confusing blur, so this time I made sure to take in every single moment of that day.
  • CHRIS: It was the greatest day of my life.
  • SCOTT: Hot as B@LL$! Great time overall. Upon arrival, we were given the first time slot, whichimmediately dismantled our promotion plans, but we lucked out by not having to compete with other bands had a great turn out at the stage followed by a line at our tent!

You just released your music video for “Boyhood.” What’s the response to it been like?

  • BENNETT: It’s been really great so far. Warped is always such a special experience, and I was really glad we got to film ourselves the entire day to capture that. Especially with our song Boyhood, as in a lot of ways it’s about spending time with your friends growing up at places like Warped Tour.  Alex from Idealist Media Services did a fantastic job with the entire thing.
  • SAL: People seem to like the video, which we have to thank Alex from Idealist Media for. He did an amazing job and it was such a fun time hanging and shooting with him. We are excited to debut more new music and videos in 2016, so hopefully the positive feedback continues.
  • CHRIS: Its been super positive. Im just really stoked for everyone to hear this new EP we’re working on.
  • SCOTT: Overwhelming, I think a lot of kids can relate and our intent was to challenge every decision you've made growing up, ponder the whatifs but be ok with where you are now.

Can we expect any new music from you?

  • New music coming sometime in 2016!

Official Music Video for "Boyhood" off of our debut EP, "We're All Lost Too" out now! iTunes! 

The British are coming.

The British are coming! Literally. In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock you probably have heard of Neck Deep, the pop-punk band from Wrexham, a city of nearly 62,000 in the north of Wales. They have taken the world of pop-punk by storm after the release of their second full-length album “Life’s Not Out to Get You” in August of 2015. The album has everything a pop-punk fan could want. Catchy lyrics, powerful melodies, and a great upbeat vibe are what made this album our top of 2015.  The band is currently on a world tour with State Champs that began in Australia, jumped up to Japan, and then to England where they met up with Light Years.  The tour is set to hit the US with Knuckle Puck and Like Pacific February 12 after stops in Montreal and Toronto with a show in Boston on March 12. Go listen to: Kali Ma

Another band from the UK to keep an eye on is ROAM. After a US tour with Handguns and Broadside near the end of 2015 their debut full-length came out January 22 and has already made a huge splash in both the United States and UK. The band is currently in the midst of a stint through Europe with shows in Hungary, Italy, France, and England. They were also just featured in Alternative Press issue number 332 in the “AP Recommends” section.  Alex Adam, lead vocals, says Sum 41’s All Killer No Filler had the most influence on him.  “The first time I heard it was actually by mistake,” he tells Alt Press.  “My dad’s car broke down and he had to get a rental … The album was in the glovebox … From that moment on I was obsessed.” Expect big things from these guys in the near future, they’re on the rise. Go listen to: Cabin Fever

We had the chance to talk with up-and-coming band from the UK, All These Years.  In the past it was very rare that we would see a band from another country (besides Canada) have such a big impact in the United States. Social media has changed that for the better, and is how we discovered them. All These Years hails from London and consists of Adam, Michael, Charlie, and Alex. Both Alex and Charlie grew up listening to bands like Slipknot while Michael and Adam related more closely with Blink 182 and The Offspring. When asked about the local scene in London, Alex responded by saying, “The scene in London can vary. You obviously get well-known bands that draw in a crowd and unheard of bands playing to empty rooms, but you get the complete opposite of that too. Nonetheless, the crowd always seems to have a great time.” The band agrees that one of the best shows they’ve played together was with The Bottom Line who is headed out on tour with Simple Plan in the not so distant future. Go listen to: Back to the Summer

Photo from Neck Deep. Credit to Joshua Halling.

Photo from Neck Deep. Credit to Joshua Halling.

Coheed and cambria

Coheed and Cambria have been a huge name in the music scene for years now after releasing their first album "The Second Stage Turbine Blade" in 2002. Many of the songs on that album were based off a series of science fiction comics written by lead guitarist and vocalist Claudio SanchezThe Amory Wars played a strong influence in many of the band's albums over the next fourteen years, until their most recent album "The Color Before the Sun" came out in October of 2015. When asked about the decision to distance the new album from The Amory Wars Travis Stever (guitar, lap steel guitar, backing vocals) said, "It was a decision that Claudio made. The song subjects were so personal and to the point that he felt most comfortable letting it sit outside the concept." Travis continued on saying, "Every Coheed song has the personal side to it so it wasn't hard to step outside the concept for this record. Same as for the rest of the band musically; the concept never really dictates the music. Songs always come first."  Travis says Sentry the Defiant, off the band's 2013 album "The Afterman: Descension" personifies the group as a whole and "It's super fun to play live."

The new album has the classic Coheed feel to it, but at the same time sounds entirely different. When asked about this Travis said he's very appreciative of the support and that "Every Coheed record is super different than the last," saying, "it's just how we evolve." 

The band is gearing up for a US tour that will stop at the House of Blues in Boston on February 22.  Travis says some essential things he brings on tour with him are a toothbrush, headphones, his phone, an extra pillow and lots of stuff to read, laughing saying "I am getting old and boring." You can buy tickets for their show by clicking here.

Image by Luke Deems.

Image by Luke Deems.

Under Fire

Under Fire is a five-piece pop punk band out of Derry, NH and are a big name in the local scene. They had the opportunity to play on the Ernie Ball stage during the Boston stop of Vans Warped Tour last summer and had an amazing time. They have released two EP's (Under Fire and Lessons) and recently put out some new music. They opened for Handguns at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA in November and have a number of shows lined up all over New England in places like Bangor, Maine (Feb 26), Manchester, NH (Feb 27), and Cambridge, MA (Feb 13). You can check out their Facebook page and show dates by clicking here

Under Fire is: Josh Carley (vocals), Devin Dehart (Guitar), Kyle Blamy (Guitar), Ricky Butt (Bass), Jake Kisiel (Drums).

Which artist has been most inspiring to you?

Josh: Mine would have to be Linkin Park for band and Corey Taylor as a vocalist actually.

Ricky: Definitely Escape The Fate, when I first saw their music video for 'Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche on Xbox at my friends house when I was 15/16 I knew that's what I wanted to do. And Jaime Preciado is definitely my favorite bass player.

Devin: Underoath was a huge influence on me and Mark Tremonti (Creed) is actually my favorite guitarist. I just love his style.

Jake: Green Day and Creed believe it or not are what really got me into playing drums. Mike Portnoy was my big influence when I was younger. My first drum beats I learned were from listening to him.

Kyle: The Killers were a big influence on my writing and playing style. Wes Borland is 110% my favorite guitar player. He's so clever and I can't get enough of his unique style.

What do you wish to inspire in others?

Honestly. We just want people to be able to connect with our music and be able to get something out of it. Whether it's to follow your heart, aspire to be yourself or get you through tough times. There's no greater feeling than connecting with someone through music. It's hard to explain I guess, it's just something you can only experience. - Ricky

Which song is your guilty pleasure?

Josh – Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

Ricky – Dirty Pop by N'Sync

Devin – Live Like You Were Dyin' by Tim McGraw

Jake – Everytime We Touch by Cascada

Kyle – All The Things She Said by TATU

How was your Vans Warped Tour experience?

Incredible. It was a dream come true for all of is and we can only dream that one year we can play the whole tour. - Ricky

You guys have recently released a few singles, is there another EP coming?

Yeah, something like that. - Ricky

How can you, along with other bands, continue to help the local scene?

HELP EACH OTHER OUT. That's it, plain and simple. - Ricky

Pizza is pop-punk. What’s your favorite kind of pizza and where is it from?

Josh – Hawaiian/Anywhere

Ricky – Green peppers and onions/Anywhere

Devin – Buffalo Mac & Cheese/Plaistow Pizza

Jake – Green pepper and bacon/Dominos

Kyle – Chicken Finger/Romano's in Salem, NH

Under Fire - Make or Break


Blossom is a five-piece female fronted pop punk band from Sydney, Australia. Over the weekend we caught up with guitarist Nick Laurie to ask him a few questions about the band, their up-coming debut album, and life in Australia.

What's the local scene like in Australia?

  • It's been a couple of years since I've been actively involved in the local scene here, however it still seems to be thriving with a newer wave of bands.

What bands first inspired you to start playing?

  • Initially? I guess the first songs I tired to learn on guitar were by bands like Lamb of God and Parkway Drive.

 What's the journey to the LP been like?

  • Interesting... The songs weren't composed with an [album] in mind. So that has just been a fairly recent concept that our manager Greg Long (We Are Triumphant) has come up with.

What's a tour typically like in Australia?

  • We have never done a complete national tour, so I can't answer that. We did do a couple of "weekenders" to other states like Melbourne and Adeliade a few years ago and always found the experience to be different than playing in our home city of Sydney. One of the venues we played in Melbourne, I can't quite remember the name, was the nicest venue we every played.

Do you have a favorite city to play in?

  • I don't have a favourite city to play, truthfully. But I do like Melbourne as it is a beautiful city.

What US city would you most like to play?

  • None in particular sticks out as a preference. However, I would prefer to tour Europe if I had to pick a part of the world to tour.

You released two songs off the album already, what's the response to them been like?

  • The response has been great. Greg has been putting a lot of work promoting the tracks, and pre-orders seem to be moving well. 

Blossom is: Sarah Buckley (vocals), Kerrod Williams (guitar), John Buckley (drums), Nick Laurie (guitar), Keanu McCormick (Bass). 

You can pre-order their album by clicking here.

eyes on satellites

We recently had the chance to talk with the local post-hardcore band Eyes on Satellites and ask them a few questions. Though their efforts to earn a spot on the Ernie Ball stage on the Boston stop of Vans Warped Tour fell short, they brushed it off and continued to pour their heart and soul into their music. Their debut EP Explorations just celebrated its first birthday, and the band recently released a new single "Swan Song." They went on tour in November, and despite some difficulties with their van had a great time.

Eyes on Satellites is: Dave Longvall (Vocals), Will Lopez (Vocals/Guitar), Mark Thompson (Drums), Danny Loony (Bass), Andrew Webster (Guitar)

How did you get your name?

  • The name “Eyes On Satellites” is basically our way of saying “Keep your head up”. However, we each apply our own interpretation to the name along with all of our songs.

Which artist has been most inspiring to you?

  • DAVE: Freddie Mercury
  • MARK: Underoath
  • DAN: Deftones
  • ANDREW: Pianos Become the Teeth
  • WILL: At The Drive-In

What do you wish to inspire in others?

  • We want to inspire confidence in our fans and let them know they are not alone. We want everyone to not be afraid to be themselves.

What song is your guilty pleasure?

  • DAVE: “Sandstorm” – Darude
  • MARK: “September” – Earth, Wind & Fire
  • DAN: “As Long As You Love Me” – Justin Bieber
  • ANDREW: “Style” – Taylor Swift
  • WILL: “Kiss From A Rose” - Seal

What was your tour experience like last November?

  • Last November was great! It was our first tour and it couldn’t have gone better. We met a ton of great friends and had an amazing time.

The post-hardcore scene around here is very underground. With that said how hard is it for you guys to get exposure to those outside the scene?

  • Playing mixed-genre shows has really helped us get good exposure. Our social media presence has also helped us.

You recently released a new single, “Swan Song.” What has the response to it been like and can we expect any more new music?

  • We’ve received alot of positive feedback from “Swan Song”. We currently are working on new material and hope that “Swan Song” is a preview of what’s to come.

Is there anything you want to say to those in charge of Warped Tour?

Left to Right: Will Lopez, Mark Thompson, Dave Longvall, Danny Looney, Andrew Webster

Left to Right: Will Lopez, Mark Thompson, Dave Longvall, Danny Looney, Andrew Webster

Swan Song - Eyes on Satellites