Psych-Rockers THE FEM DOMS drop new single

We had the chance to talk with NYC based psych-rockers The Fem Doms about their recent tour, EP, upcoming full-length and single "Dropped."

“Dropped” details the unfortunate situation of losing friends to drugs, and watching from afar as they descend into their demons. The Fem Doms are gearing up to drop the brand new EP this Summer and another full-length album in the Fall. The band are in the works of planning another tour this Summer. A Note Two Self gave them some love, saying “Chris’s vocals are reminiscent of Robert Plant.” The Fem Doms will be celebrating the release of their latest EP Attic with a slew of shows. 

Listen to "Dropped" here.

Crowdsurf Central: How was your tour? (July 13-17)

Fem Doms: This tour was probably our favorite yet. We have a great group of people that get along well and like playing together.

CSC: What was the highlight of the tour?

FD: We had a couple days off in the middle and stayed in San Pedro and then went and played the best show of the tour in Ashland, Oregon. People really embraced us there and we had a blast.

CSC: Where was Attic recorded?

FD: Attic was recorded at Speaker Sonic studio in Brooklyn, NY.

CSC: What was the writing & recording process like?

FD: We tend to front load lots of ideas and whittle away at songs over time. There were pretty developed ideas and songs that changed once we got to recording. 

CSC: How have people been responding to the EP?

FD: So far we've released the first single off the EP, "Dropped" and people have been dancing to it a lot at shows.

CSC: How is the full-length coming?

FD: We're about half way through the record and we're itching to finish it so that people can hear what we've been doing. 

CSC: What can we expect with the new album?

FD: As of right now we're pretty excited about how it's turning out; it's darker than the first record but also has a different identity and tone to it from the EP we're releasing.